Bicycle Touring Pedals & Shoes

Touring Bicycle Pedal

The pedal is the part of a bicycle that you push with your feet in order to propel your bike forward. The pedal provides the connection with your bike between your foot and shoe, and is therefore one of the most important parts of your bicycle.

While there are a number of different pedal types available, there are really only two different types of pedals that are popular in the touring bike world: SPD and platform.

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2 thoughts on “Bicycle Touring Pedals & Shoes

  1. IanWhitwell says:

    Is there any reason why you didn’t mention Touring pedals with SPD once side and flat on the other. Read good reviews for these. i.e shimano T8000 & A600.

  2. Squaxor says:

    A 2008 study from the International Journal of Sports Medicine, concluded that the clipless pedal system “did not have any influence on either the mechanical efficiency, the pedalling mechanics or the muscular activity during submaximal cycling.”

    That’s not to say SPDs have advantages when hill climbing and sprinting, but there’s no evidence they provide a significant advantage over flat pedals when riding generally.

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