Cycling in Buena Vista, Colorado

The City of Buena Vista, Colorado

In the 1870s, a man named Elijah Gibbs moved to the small town of Buena Vista, Colorado where he was subsequently accused of sealing water from his neighbor, George Harrington. When Gibbs was arrested for the indiscretion and released from jail less than 24 hours later, George Harrington, his accuser, was found shot dead just a day later.

Suspecting the newcomer, Elijah Gibbs, of the murder, an angry mob went to hang him and burn down his house with his family inside, but somehow, Gibbs escaped and was never seen again. The incident divided the town of Buena Vista and additional murders occurred in the community for years following.

Today, the small town of Buena Vista is a relatively peaceful place known for it’s white water rafting, quirky old town boutiques, and most importantly, it’s cycling!

The 22-mile Buena Vista to Mount Princeton/Nathrop loop is a popular ride amongst Buena Vista road cyclists, the River Trail is a family-friendly bike ride, and if you’re looking for a little off-road fun, there’s some superb single-track riding on the nearby Colorado Trail.

Neighbors in Buena Vista are still battling over water rights to this day, but when it comes to riding bicycles, nearly everyone can agree, there something for everyone in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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Mountain Biking in Buena Vista, Colorado in the winter

The City of Buena Vista, Colorado

Bikepacking in Colorado

I traveled to Buena Vista, Colorado in the autumn of 2017 and participated in several days of road and off-road cycling there. It’s a beautiful place for cycling and I would highly recommend it. While I was in the city, I produced this short 2-minute documentary on the city and the cycling in the area.

Let me know what you thought of this mini-documentary. Leave a comment below and let me know if Buena Vista, Colorado looks like a place you might like to go bicycling yourself one day.

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