Is It Safe For Women To Go Bicycle Touring Alone?

Today you’re going to hear from a young woman named Shirine Taylor who has been bicycle touring around the world… on her own… and with her boyfriend… for the last couple years.

During my interview with Shirine, we’re going to talk about some of the best and worst parts of traveling alone, and we’ll answer one of the most common questions I get from female bicycle tourists: “Can women travel alone?”

The answer, as you can likely guess, is “YES!” Women are just as capable of traveling around the world as men – whether that be on a bicycle, with a backpack, or in any other way. There are some difficulties to traveling alone as a woman, however, as you will hear from Shirine. However, these factors haven’t prevented this young twenty-something from setting out on her own and seeing the world.

Listen to the interview by clicking play on the audio player at the top of this page.

To learn more about Shirine Taylor, her boyfriend Kevin, and their bicycle touring adventures in the United States, India, Nepal, Georgia, Turkey and South America, be sure to visit Shirine’s:

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6 thoughts on “Is It Safe For Women To Go Bicycle Touring Alone?

  1. min says:

    it is a real issue for women travelling alone.
    shirine romanticizes it by stating people take her in and treat her well…
    i backpacked through south america on my own and bicycled from cancun to panama by myself and it was downright dangerous at times….,
    sleeping in hostels and teaming up with others for some travelling is very smart for women to do…even when you are invited into peoples homes and they are friendly there are lecherous husbands boyfriends and even sons who feel you are free game since you are alone…riding along quiet roads is another hassle….cars stop to chat and check you out and some even attempt to block you from riding away….some men try to grab you make lewd propositions and are downright rude and disgusting…..
    while i love travelling on my own for the freedom of it it is wise to travel with at least one other person when going to remote areas….
    another real menace are the dogs….pebbles and bear spray are sometimes necessary…the dogs in packs are quite frightening at times…
    i wish it was safer for women to bikepack alone…,but it is not unfortunately….

  2. Martha Retallick says:

    Been there, done that. I did more than 15,000 miles of mostly solo touring between 1980 and 1992.

    Was I harassed? You bet. Did I figure out how to fend off unwanted attention? Sure did. The use of naughty words is especially useful. Harassers are not expecting that.

    I also found that there were plenty of places where people didn’t care whether I was alone or not. They just let me be.

  3. LikeBike says:

    I’d say it greatly depends on the country. Just back from 2 months solo cycling through Japan and really no problem whatsoever. Great country for all travelers including solo women.
    I did encounter only few other cycle tourists in Japan. No other solo women and also overall not many cycling tourists. Although it’s a perfect country for cycling.

    Would I do the same in India, no! Would I do it in Europe, yes.

  4. Rachel says:


    i am a solo woman adventurer and you might be able to help me.

    i want to give away my 46cm 2011 Surly Long Haul Trucker to a FIRST TIME female cross-country rider!

    Once upon a time i bought a bicycle and rode from Chinook, WA to Rehoboth Beach, DE. Since then this bicycle has ridden through all 50 United States and clocked over 7,000 miles! Eight years, later i want to give someone else this amazing opportunity.
    In my dream of dreams this bicycle will travel the world, trek over 100,000 miles and have at least a dozen different riders. Truly a gift that keeps giving/going!

    i am looking for that star crossed cyclist that is ready to take on a new adventure and needs great gear to do it (giving away my bicycle with panniers).

    i am reaching out to other woman cyclers and blog people and other platforms to get the word out in hopes that the right woman will get in contact with me.

    If you know someone or have any ideas of how to reach that right candidate…i am all ears!

    Thanks for all your consideration 🙂

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