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My Incredible Iceland Bike Tour (VIDEO)

In the summer of 2012, I traveled to Iceland with my friend and ex-college Roommate, Brandon Roesler. Brandon and I sat next to each other in a Freshman English class, became roommates the following semester, and stayed close friends throughout our college education. Throughout our college years, I spent my summers bicycle touring across the […]

Summary Of My 12th Long-Distance Bike Tour

The last 12 months have been amazing. I attended the Sundance Film Festival, saw some of my favorite musicians perform live (including A Fine Frenzy and Nellie McKay), rode a motorcycle across the Western United States and conducted a 10-month-long bicycle tour across 20 European countries. In this article I aim to summarize my thoughts […]

One Year Of Bicycle Touring In Europe – 2012 Video Review

2012 was a truly incredible year! Here’s just a small taste of what I did: Spent 4 months skiing at North America’s #1 ski resort – Deer Valley. Watched 12 amazing movies at the Sundance Film Festival. Saw more than a dozen famous musicians perform, including A Fine Frenzy, Lisa Hannigan, Nellie McKay, Flying Lotus, […]

Reykjavik Bike Tours – A Great Way To Spend The Day In Iceland’s Capital City

Reykjavik Bike Tours is a small, but well-run bicycle touring operation that gives informative and entertaining guided bike tours around the city center of Reykjavik, Iceland. The tours aren’t long or particularly challenging (anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle can participate), but the experience of cycling around downtown Reykjavik while at the same […]

Traveling In Iceland: How Much Does It Cost?

European travel doesn’t have to be terribly expensive. I proved that once before, when I traveled through Europe for nine whole months and spent an average of just $1,250 USD per month. This year I’m working to prove this theory again, as I’m back in Europe on another multi-month bicycle touring adventure. And like in […]

20 Incredible Camping Locations In Iceland

One of the things that makes Iceland such an incredible location for a long-distance bicycle touring is its endless array of camping spots. Finding an area to pitch your tent each night isn’t difficult. The most difficult part about camping in Iceland is figuring out which direction to set up your tent so as to […]

Reykjavik Bike Tours – Photos

On our last day in Reykjavik, Brandon and I met up with Stephan from Reykjavik Bike Tours and took a short 2.5 hour guided bike tour around the city. I’ll write more about the experience in a future full-length review. For now, here are a few photos from our bike tour around the city of […]

Bicycle Touring In Þingvellir National Park

On our way from Gulfoss to Reykjavik, Brandon and I cycled through Þingvellir National Park. Centered around a large lake,  Þingvellir National Park is not really all that exciting, except for the few locations where the  North American and Eurasian Plates plates can be seen separating from one another on the earth’s crust.

The Great Geysir

Geysir is one of Iceland’s most famous and photographed tourist attractions. Also known as “The Great Geysir,” it was the first geyser to ever be recorded in print and for its existence to be known to the European population. In fact, the English word geyser (a spouting hot spring) is derived from the Geysir in […]

Orange Selfoss Sunset

Tonight we stealth camped in the trees near a river east of Selfoss, Iceland. The campsite was difficult to reach, but sheltered and secure. Our first night of camping in the trees in Iceland and we were treated to a wonderfully orange sunset.

Traveling By Bike With Iceland’s Sterna Bus Company

Instead of cycling back to Selfoss from Jökulsárlón, Brandon and I decided to take a 6-hour bus ride back to Iceland’s second largest city with the Sterna bus company. For a small extra fee, our bicycles were loaded into the back of the large passenger van. For six short hours we enjoyed the company of […]

Wild Camping Along Iceland’s Golden Circle

While bicycle touring in Iceland this past May, Brandon and I decided to make a short video showing off one of our typical wild camping sites in Iceland. Watch the video above and you will see how we hide our camp in the trees, how we set up our tents, and how we position our […]