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How To Carry Stuff On A Bike – Backpacks, Panniers & Trailers

After you decide on which bicycle you are going to ride, how do you carry all the things you will need for the tour on your bicycle? What’s the best way to carry stuff on a bike? If you know absolutely nothing about bicycle touring, you might think that bicycle travelers carry their belongings (i.e. […]

The Best Ortlieb Panniers For Touring

What are the best Ortlieb panniers for touring? Well, I’ve been bicycle touring around the world for the last 16+ years and I’ve used a number of different pannier brands during that time. For the last 10+ years, however, Ortlieb panniers have been my bicycle pannier brand of choice! Why is that exactly? Well, I […]

Ortlieb Bike Panniers – Comparing the OLD vs NEW Styles

 You know I love my Ortlieb bike panniers… right? Well, I recently decided to retire my infamous red (7+ year old) Ortlieb bicycle panniers with new (denim-steel blue) Ortlieb bike panniers of the exact same design. Here’s what my new and improved Ortlieb bike pannier setup looks like: 1 set of Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus […]

Bicycle Touring Gear – My 2015 Packing List

It’s 2015… and this is my 15th year in a row of bicycle touring all around the world. Last year I cycled across 14 countries in Asia, Europe, and North America… and now I’m back in Europe for another epic year of bicycle touring. Because I’m so frequently asked about the gear, clothing, and equipment […]

Axiom Randonnee Series Bicycle Panniers

Exciting news! Axiom Performance Gear announced today that they will be donating two full sets of their popular Randonnee Series panniers and Barkeep DLX 9 handlebar bags to the 2014 Bicycle Touring Pro Travel Scholarship – a unique micro-scholarship designed to help young, first-time bike travelers get their start in the world of self-supported bicycle touring. […]

Cheap Bicycle Touring Gear – How To Gear Up For Less Than $2,000

Gearing up for a self-supported bicycle tour doesn’t have to cost a lot money. If you are like most people, you already own a number of the items you need to conduct a multi-day bicycle tour of almost any type. And those items that you don’t already possess can be purchased inexpensively if you know […]

Review: ORTLIEB Bike-Packer & Sport-Packer Plus Bicycle Touring Panniers

The Ortlieb Bike-Packer & Sport-Packer Plus Panniers are truly the best bicycle touring panniers in the world. In this review, I’ll explain why these expensive, German-made bike bags are so popular among commuters and bicycle travelers alike and I’ll give you a number of reasons as to why Ortlieb bike panniers are the only panniers […]

Packing For A Bicycle Tour: Everything You Need To Know

bicycle panniers on a touring bike

You want to travel the world by bike, but you’re unsure about WHAT to pack… and HOW exactly you should pack it all on your bicycle. In this article I will demonstrate to you how I pack my current touring bicycle (a Co-Motion Pangea), my four Ortlieb panniers and my single Ortlieb handlebar bag. Inside […]

What To Pack For A Year-Long Bicycle Tour

I’m traveling for a year. Yes, a year! And I’m doing it on my bicycle. It’s called long-distance bicycle touring… and traveling this way requires that you carry just about everything you need on your bicycle with you: clothes, food, toiletries and more! Your bicycle is essentially your home on the road. Because I’m traveling […]

Scicon TransAlp 2.0 Bicycle Pannier/Backpack

 If you’re looking for a way to carry your belongings around with you both on and off your bicycle, the Scicon TransAlp 2.0 might just be the perfect product for you! This unique transport system functions as both two small 10.5 liter bicycle panniers, and one large 21 liter backpack when walking around on […]

Lone Peak PD-200 Mount Olympus Pannier/Day Pack (VIDEO REVIEW)

There will come a time on your travels that you will want to step away from your bicycle and explore your surroundings on foot. The question then becomes, “How exactly do you do that?” Traditional bicycle panniers are great when used on your bike, but off the bike they can only be carried for short […]

The Touring Bicycles We Took To Iceland

We started our first day in Iceland with about 20 miles of light riding. We didn’t want to push ourselves too much, so 20 miles on our now fully-loaded touring bicycles was more than enough. Brandon used a Trek 520 touring bicycle with a set of Lone Peak panniers for his time in Iceland (left). […]