Lone Peak PD-200 Mount Olympus Pannier/Day Pack (VIDEO REVIEW)

There will come a time on your travels that you will want to step away from your bicycle and explore your surroundings on foot. The question then becomes, “How exactly do you do that?”

Traditional bicycle panniers are great when used on your bike, but off the bike they can only be carried for short distances. This is where a product like the Lone Peak PD-200 Mount Olympus Pannier/Day Pack comes in handy.

Sold individually (rather than in a set of two like most bicycle panniers) for around $80 US Dollars, the Mount Olympus can be used on your bike in conjunction with some of Lone Peak’s larger pannier sets.

Like all of Lone Peak’s panniers, the Mount Olympus Pannier/Day Pack is made of a water-resistant (but not waterproof) material, features Loc-On pannier suspension and an external compression strap.

Unlike traditional bicycle touring panniers, however, the Mount Olympus can be used both on the bike as a traditional pannier and off the bike as a backpack. To convert the bag from a pannier to a backpack, just unzip the back panel of the pannier, roll up the zippered flap and tuck it into the bottom of the pack. Two shoulder straps hidden in the padded rear side of the pannier allow you to comfortably carry up to 1,230 cubic inches.

While it may not be the most comfortable backpack you have ever owned, the Lone Peak PD-200 Mount Olympus Pannier/Day Pack does exactly what it is designed to do.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

For more information, please visit: www.lonepeakpacks.com


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