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3 Important Lessons From My Bike Tour in Northern California

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook recently, you know that I just recently completed a short 5-day bike tour in the mountains of Northern California. This was a short, but beautiful and challenging bicycle tour with lots of climbing, snow-covered passes, and run-ins with lots of friendly people along the way. I’ll […]

20 Common Street Scams Every World Traveler Needs To Know About

Bicycle touring is an activity that takes place in the street… and because of this, it means interacting with the types of people who are commonly found on the roadside. Some of these people are kind, friendly and helpful, while others are there to prey off the weak and vulnerable. In this article I will […]

Winter Cycling – Now Available As An eBook and Paperback Book

Click play on the video above! Riding your bicycle during the cold, dark months of winter doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. In fact, winter cycling can be downright fun! With the right clothing, a properly equipped bicycle and a few basic skills, you too can experience the joy of riding your bicycle all […]

The Top 10 Winter Cycling Secrets Revealed Inside This Special 1-Hour Winter Bike Riding Webinar

On Tuesday, November 5th, 2013, the author of the book, Winter Cycling: The Definitive Guide To Cold Weather Winter Bike Rides, sat down and conducted an hour-long webinar about the secrets of cycling in the wintertime. Watch the video recording of this event above and discover: How to stay warm (and comfortably cool) during your […]

Bicycle Touring In South Africa: Everything You Need To Know

The country of South Africa is a beautiful and interesting, yet under-appreciated, location for bicycle tours of any length. While the nation is currently struggling with issues of racism, finance and a lack of technological infrastructure, South Africa is arguably one of the best locations in the world for both guided and self-supported bicycle tours […]

Winter Cycling – The Book: Available Now!

That’s right! My new 120-page book about WINTER CYCLING is available now! Get it here: Have Fun Riding Your Bicycle This Winter Riding a bicycle during the cold, wet months of winter can be intimidating and scary, but it can also be incredibly fun and rewarding. In this new book, I set out to […]

50 Stealth Camping Super Tips

Stealth camping is the act of secretly camping in a public or private area (sometimes legally – sometimes illegally) and moving on the next morning without being detected. Stealth camping is an excellent way to not only find free places to camp, but is also a great way to discover excellent campground locations, get a […]

Never Leave Your Bicycle On The Street Overnight… And The Importance Of Purchasing A Proper Touring Bicycle

On July 9th, 2012 I was sitting at a campground in Geneva, Switzerland when a young man across the way called over, “Is your name Darren?” Turns out the man’s name was Scott and he was a reader who had recognized me from my photos on the website and knew that I was in […]

How Much Water Should You Carry On A Bicycle Tour?

I just finished a 10-day bicycle ride from Istanbul, Turkey to Varna, Bulgaria and it was SUPER HOT out there on the road. It was also SUPER AWESOME!!! (see some of the photos here) Because it was so hot, I was drinking a lot more water than I normally do… and I was carrying WAY […]

Winter Cycling – Layered Clothing Instructional Video

Winter cyclists not only need special types of clothing for their cold weather bike rides, but they need to understand how their various layers of clothing are meant to overlap and inter-work with each other. This video demonstrates one technique for dressing for the bike in cold-weather winter conditions. The clothing system detailed in this […]

Is Bicycle Touring Dangerous?

There is an certain amount of risk any time you decide to venture from the safety of your own home. By participating in a bicycle tour (whether it be a short bike ride near your house or a trip that takes you to a foreign land on the other side of the world), you are […]

Incredibell Road Bell – A Bicycle Bell Designed To Fit Shimano STI Road Levers

There are few options when it comes to mounting a bell on a bicycle with dropped handlebars. The Incredibell Road Bell by the Mirrycle Corporation in Boulder Colorado, however, is one bell specifically designed to fit on Shimano STI road levels. This tiny, dinging bell has a dome diameter of just 28mm and a price […]