Winter Cycling – Now Available As An eBook and Paperback Book

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Riding your bicycle during the cold, dark months of winter doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. In fact, winter cycling can be downright fun! With the right clothing, a properly equipped bicycle and a few basic skills, you too can experience the joy of riding your bicycle all winter long.

How I Became A Winter Cycling Expert

I know that winter cycling is something anyone can do because in 2006 I moved from sunny Southern California to the snow covered mountains of Utah. For the first time in my life I was having to contend with freezing cold weather, snow covered roads and slippery bike riding terrain. And when, shortly after my move to Utah, I decided to give up my car and get around entirely by bike, I began to get serious about my winter cycling endeavors.

Since that time I have spent more than six years riding around on my bicycle in the cold, rain, ice and snow. In addition to riding my bicycle locally for every grocery run, trip to work, or chance to visit with my friends, I’ve conducted several long-distance wintertime bicycle tours, traveling by bike for several months across Switzerland, Iceland, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic… all during the wintertime!

I’ve learned a lot from my winter cycling exploits. I’ve learned how to dress, how to equip my bicycle, how to quickly and easily clean my bike after a dirty ride, and how to stay upright on my bicycle no matter what it looks like on the ground.

I also made a lot of mistakes during my wintertime rides. I froze my fingers, toes, ears and nose on far too many rides, crashed my bicycle dozens of times, and spent hundreds of dollars on winter cycling clothing and gear that turned out to be completely worthless.

Introducing the Winter Cycling Book

But you don’t need to make the same mistakes I did!

Because of everything I’ve learned from my wintertime cycling adventures, I have compile everything I know about staying safe and having fun on your bicycle during the winter months into a single book called “WINTER CYCLING: The Definitive Guide To Cold-Weather Winter Bike Rides.


I started writing this book in the winter of 2011, when I was at home in the mountains of Utah. I would go out and ride my bike during the day, testing out various clothing items, riding techniques, and bicycle equipment. Then I’d come home in the afternoon and work late into the night, writing down everything I had learned.

I didn’t finish the Winter Cycling book in the winter of 2011, however. In reality, the book was only half-way finished by the time I left home and began a 14-month long bicycle tour across 24 different countries in Europe and Africa. I spent a month during that long bicycle tour cycling around Iceland with a friend, and then, in the winter of 2012, began putting the finishing touches on the Winter Cycling book, immediately after finishing a cold wintertime bicycle tour across much of Eastern Europe.

It wasn’t until I arrived in Slovakia (on my bicycle in a snowstorm, I might add) that I was able to put the finishing touches on the Winter Cycling book. Holed up in a hotel room in a small Slovakian town, surrounded by snow, I finally finished writing the Winter Cycling book.

For most of 2013, the Winter Cycling book sold on and here on as an eBook only (which you can read on your Kindle device, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Nook or Sony eReader). But now, the Winter Cycling book has finally been converted into a paperback book (with new, updated content and a brand new cover design) that you can order here or on for the (currently) discounted price of only $14.95 USD.

I’ve put a massive amount of work into this 154-page book. It has taken me more than two full years to write and complete this book and based on the feedback I’ve received thus far, I feel that the content inside Winter Cycling is really helping people all around the world feel more comfortable during their wintertime bike rides.

Watch the Free 1-Hour Winter Cycling Webcast Video

Last month I conducted a free, 1-hour, live Internet webcast where I spoke in great detail about some of the biggest, most important points from inside the Winter Cycling book.

winter cycling webcast video

During the free Winter Cycling webcast I discussed:

  • How to stay warm (and comfortably cool) during your winter bike rides
  • How to dress properly for winter cycling
  • How to equip your bicycle for winter weather conditions
  • How to ride safely in rain, ice and snow
  • Plus, a whole lot more!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the recording of that video yet, I recommend you do so now! Just click here to watch this free 1-hour presentation. I think you’ll learn at least one new thing that you can implement during your winter bike rides.

Get Your Copy of Winter Cycling Right Now!

Now available as both an eBook and a physical paperback book that can be read on you Kindle, iPod, iPad, Nook, or Sony eReader… or delivered to your home in paperback form, the Winter Cycling book is packed with tons of important information you can use to continue cycling all winter long.

Purchase a copy of the book at either or head on over to and pick up a copy of the book while you’re there.

If you have any questions about the Winter Cycling book, or about riding your bicycle during the cold, dark months of winter, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Leave a comment below and I’ll respond to your questions and comments just as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading… and I hope you enjoy the new and improved Winter Cycling book!


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