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Easily Begin Bicycle Touring With An Inexpensive 1 or 2-Wheeled Trailer

Bicycle Touring Trailer

Another way you might choose to carry the gear you need for your bicycle tour is to carry it in a trailer. A trailer is a large, one or two wheeled device that you pull be hind your bicycle – and the trailer usually attached to your bicycle at the rear axle or from your […]

Maya Cycle Bike Trailer Review

maya cycle bike trailer review

Getting the new Maya Cycle bike trailer put together was easy enough. All I had to do was remove it from the box, mount the rear wheel, rear fender, and rear reflector, pump a little air into the tire, and position the safety flag in place. Piece of cake! Attaching the trailer to my bicycle, […]

How To Carry Stuff On A Bike – Backpacks, Panniers & Trailers

After you decide on which bicycle you are going to ride, how do you carry all the things you will need for the tour on your bicycle? What’s the best way to carry stuff on a bike? If you know absolutely nothing about bicycle touring, you might think that bicycle travelers carry their belongings (i.e. […]

Bicycle Trailers – A Complete List of The World’s Best Bike Trailers

If you’re thinking about a trip by bike, you might consider the use of a trailer. While backpacks and bicycle panniers are great for some, many traveling by bike choose to carry their gear in a trailer pulled behind their bike. There are bicycle trailers made to haul just about anything (from dogs to children, […]

Your Complete Bicycle Touring Gear Checklist

In response to my recent post on the 10 Important Items You Should Have, But Might Not Think Of Bringing On Your Bike Tour, reader, Jim Dirlam sent me a checklist that he created to help bicycle travelers pack for their upcoming bicycle touring adventures. The bicycle touring gear checklist is incredibly detailed and […]

The Ultimate Bike Friday New World Tourist Review

The Bike Friday New World Tourist is thought by some to be the ultimate travel bike for long distance tourists. It’s small wheel base, low-step over feature, fully-loaded capabilities and its ability to fold up and fit inside an airline standard suitcase (thus saving you huge amounts of money when flying with your bicycle) are […]

BOB Ibex Bicycle Trailer: An In Depth Review

“Do you prefer panniers or a trailer when traveling by bike?” That’s a question I’ve been asked time and time again over the past few years. Unfortunately, because my previous experiences with long distance bicycle touring have all involved the use of panniers, I’ve been more than a bit bias when answering this question in the past. […]