Flying Home From Greece – How Much Does It Cost?


I spent the first fourteen days of September, 2009 in the city of Athens, Greece. I rented an apartment, saw the sites, went out with friends I met in the city and finally, after nearly nine months in Europe, I caught a flight back to the United States and returned home. These are my final travel expenses from the month of September 2009.


  • Basement Apartment In Athens – 340 Euros ($509.93USD)


  • 2 Bus Rides To The Airport – 7 Euros ($10.50 uSD)
  • 2 Trips On The Metro – 2 Euros ($3.00 USD)


  • 3 Greek Pins – 7.50 Euros ($11.25 USD)

Food & Toiletries

  • Groceries & Toiletries – ($19.03 USD)
  • Going Out To Eat – 25 Euros ($37.49)

Flight Home

  • One-Way Ticket From Athens To Los Angeles – ($847.00 USD)



0 thoughts on “Flying Home From Greece – How Much Does It Cost?

  1. Bicycle Touring Pro says:

    I flew my bicycle in when I landed in Switzerland at the beginning of the year. I spent 9 months slowly riding the bike down to Greece… and then flew the bike home from there.

  2. Trek 520 says:

    It was nice trip and I hope that there will be many more trips like this ………, I am from Europe and I did ride fully loaded touring bicycle over there for 12 years. You get me ! After riding here in CDN , USA and Mexico will be not bad idea riding in Europe again , but this time on my modified MTB . I do not have problem change asphalt for nice hard packed roads and trails for about 1/2 year trip . Cheap airfare to Europe is not big deal – some airlines do not garge fee for bicycle .

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