Amazing Fasnacht Costumes From Luzern Switzerland

Every year, on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, the city of Luzern, Switzerland comes to life with a literal bang. The Carnival celebration, which the locals call Fasnacht, breaks out in the streets, alleyways and squares of old town Luzern and continues for days on end as the normally stiff people of Switzerland roam the streets in costume while singing, dancing, playing music, drinking, and making new friends.

I spent the first two months of 2009 in the city of Luzern and these are some of the costumes I photographed during the Fasnacht celebration.

Fireman costume

Russian dancers

Crazy costumes

Leslie Parr halloween costume

rag doll drummers

crazy zerbas


Darren Alff - chicken costume

Switzerland skiiers

Helmeted marching band

wicker man

where's waldo

Old man wizard

Orange Pumpking Marching Band Costume

blue man group - switzerland

tribal musicians - switzerland

Clown pants

Cow Man and Darren Alff

Crazy hair

Swiss Mexicans

viking family


men dressed as barbie

old man and old woman costumes

dolls come to life

Aztec sun god sea creature

green haired monsters

parents and children dressed as clowns

pink costumes at night

white roman gods

Diana Ross singers

frozen blue rabid polar bears

elfish creatures from the deep

flower woman face paint

scuba diving at night

evil greek god

evil white monsters in luzern shopping mall window

sheep playing drums

wizard marching band - luzern

family drssed in costumes

firefox costume

drummer lamb

lucerne fasnacht float

giant sock puppet costume

chicken family costumes - 2009

awsome colorful costume - home made

switzerland ski women

devil beast costume bull horns

colorful sock puppets on march

money man on the streets of lucerne

MIGROS shopping cart head

Leslie parr attacked by scream monsters on the streets of Lucerne, Switzerland

Turkish donnar float - fasnacht celebration

marching polar bears

japanese samauri warriors

The Simpsons - costumes from Switzerland

Wizard drummer from fasnacht switzerland 2009

TWO faced marching band

mutant elf drummer - fasnacht 2009

elderly hobbits holding hands

dopey police officer

Darren Alff giant monster walking the streets of Luzern

european woodlands drummer from Switzerland

ragtime doll leader

Luzern's famous wizard guggenzeit marching band - 2009 fasnacht


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