Introducing The New Newsletter

It’s been nearly nine months since went live… and since that time, thousands of people from around the world have visited the site, sent me emails, and declared their love of bicycle travel.

From the beginning there was a bicycle touring newsletter, but I never knew exactly what to do with it. If you have been with me for 6 months or more, you’ve likely seen my many adaptations of this publication.

After months of thought and feedback from numerous readers, I’ve finally decided how I want to use the email newsletter… and I’d like to take a moment to share my plans with you.

The New Newsletter

The new email newsletter is going to be a series of approximately 40 different emails. These emails will start at the beginning with a defination of bicycle touring and then work its way up from there. I am going to assume you know nothing about bicycle travel… and then slowly build you up to the level of an experienced bicycle traveler.

Here are just some of the topics I plan to cover in the newsletter series:

 What kind of bicycle should you use?

 Should you use panniers or a trailer to carry your gear?

 What types of shoes and pedals should you use?

 Information on tubes, tires, pumps, and patch kits.

 Clothing for your bike trip.

 Electronics you might want to bring with you.

 How to stay safe out on the road.

 Fun things to do as you travel that cost little or no money.

 How to keep your bike as light as possible.

 How to select a route and plan out your trip.

 Preparing a budget for your bike tour.

 How to find places to sleep at night.

 Promotion and publicity tips for your long distance bicycle adventure.

 What you should expect once you hit the road.

 Plus… a whole lot more!

Best of all, the information in the new newsletter is going to be completely original content. This is stuff you won’t find on the website or anywhere else for that matter. I’m going to be showing you all the different ways to travel by bike so that you can decide which way is best for you!

In addition to these weekly lessons on bicycle touring, you will continue to remain up to date with the latest happenings in the bicycle touring world and at

If you are already on the mailing list, you will begin to receive these emails shortly. Each email will be spaced about 5 days apart and will walk you through bicycle touring: from A-Z. If you are an experienced bicycle traveler, please be patient through the first couple emails. As the newsletter gets further along, the lessons will become more advanced and there will surely be information you can learn from.

If, however, you are not yet a subscriber of the newsletter, you can sign up now by simply typing in your name and email into the form below. As soon as I receive your information, your first newsletter will be sent out.


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