Jeanne Roberts – 2013 Recipient of Bicycle Touring Pro Travel Scholarship

Congratulations go out to Jeanne Roberts who is this year’s recipient of the Bicycle Touring Pro Travel Scholarship!  The travel scholarship started in 2010 as a financial boost to young bicycle travelers setting out on their first big journey; this year Jeanne will be receiving $500USD in funding to go towards her cross-country USA bike tour.

Jeanne Roberts1Every year bicycle touring gains momentum around the world and the physical and mental challenges of long-distance bicycle travel are gaining popularity among young people as well. This year we received so many exceptional applications from all over the globe – for a review of this year’s finalists check out 

Jeanne Roberts was able to clearly and passionately express her plans of biking across the USA this summer.  After a nearly fatal accident last summer in which a surfing board slashed a main artery in her leg, Jeanne has been recovering and regaining mobility and is celebrating a full recovery by cycling across her country.  Supported by her boyfriend and best friend she is setting out on a journey centred on enjoying great health and life; her trip’s headline really says it all “Cruisin ‘USA – a celebratory ride across the United States” – you can check out her website and follow her progress too:

The trip will span neary 4,000 miles, starting in Georgetown D.C. and finishing in Seaside, OR.  After gear and other one-time expenses, Jeanne is budgeting $10/day for her trip – there is plenty of free camping and CouchSurfing planned to keep the expenses low.

The willingness to portray her accident, recovery process and her drive to get better has been captured in a short, creative video which Jeanne also sent in with her application.

“I know you are looking for people who are passionate about travel (which I am (I’m only 25 and I’ve lived in five different countries and I’ve traveled to over 15 different countries)) and enthusiastic about bike touring, which I’ve got to admit, I’m totally excited yet nervous to do this summer. But, for me, this trip is mostly a personal journey. Miraculously, I have already overcome the odds, and I now I want to exceed them; I want to prove that I’m whole again. I want to inspire everyone and encourage people to overcome the obstacles that have been placed in front of them. Basically, I want to give people hope. After all, that’s what kept me going. It would be an honor to receive this scholarship.” (excerpt from Jeanne’s scholarship application)

As the recipient of this year’s travel scholarship, I hope that Jeanne will be able to inspire others to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.  Not everyone is able to turn a serious accident into a catalyst for pursuing challenges and new adventures; I admire Jeanne’s drive to constantly push her own limits!

Also, I hope that the prestige from winning this scholarship will help Jeanne gain the press coverage that she needs to further fund her trip which includes local TV news (WHSV) and a press release with her local newspaper (DNR).  Already, we here at Bicycle Touring Pro are looking forward to following Jeanne’s journey, along with her crew and road companions; their GoPro camera and creative abilities will let us be a part of the ride too.  There’s even been mention of collaborating with musicians and song-writers during the trip… we are intrigued!

Sincere thanks go out to everyone involved in this year’s travel scholarship – to all the applicants, supporters, donators and everyone here at Bicycle Touring Pro – thank you for helping us support young bicycle travellers and their inspirational tours!

To learn more about Jeanne Roberts and her 3,917 mile long road trip across the United States check out her site at:

Congratulations Jeanne! We are looking forward to learning about your journey this summer from Georgetown D.C. to Seaside, OR.  We agree that there’s no better way to celebrate a full recovery than on a bicycle!

Watch the video below to hear Jeanne’s reaction after being notified that she had the 2013 Bicycle Touring Pro travel scholarship:


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