Ken Bettencourt Cycles Across The USA… Twice!


Ken Bettencourt is a resident of Bend, Oregon who recently completed a blazing fast bicycle tour across the continental United States and back. This is his story.

Ken, where exactly did you go on your bicycle tour? And how long did it take you to complete your tour?

I left Bend, Oregon on  May 14, 2013 and cycled to the east coast of the United States. I wanted to push myself to see how long it would take. It took 40 days. I had a great trip across the USA, but it went by way too fast. That is what happen when you cycle by yourself. Once I was there it was time to come back to the west coast. I was originally going to fly but something got into me to bike for a little bit longer. Well, it made it back to Boise, Idaho in 43 days. Once again, way too fast. This is what happen when you ride by yourself.

I hope to do a world tour come next spring, but this time I hope to have someone come with me.

What was the thing you liked most about your bicycle touring experience?

The people I met along the way!!! I also enjoyed passing through the small towns and learning about the history that is behind them.


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