Saddle Sores, Cycling Shorts & Painful Butts

What is the best clothing for bicycle touring? Should you keep track of the calories you consume on a bike tour? And how do you avoid getting saddle sores on a long-distance cycling adventure?

Discover the answer to these three questions in today’s Bicycle Touring Pro Q&A.

Bicycle Touring Pro readers sent in submissions via Instagram and asked their most pressing questions about bicycle touring, world travel and wild camping. Then, I picked three of the best reader-submitted questions and answered them in this short video/audio Q&A.

Watch the video or listen to the audio podcast above and discover for yourself: What are the best clothes to wear when bicycle touring? Should you keep track of how many calories you burn/consume on a bike tour? And what can you do to avoid getting saddle sores when you participate in a long-distance cycling adventure.

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