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Best cheap sunglasses for cycling? Tifosi Optics review

Here are three things about me: I spend a lot of time in the sun I constantly lose sunglasses I have terrible vision Maybe you relate to one, two, or even all three of these. Regardless, a good pair of sunglasses is essential for cyclists, especially those who spend a lot of time in the […]

5 Tips for Better Tent Sleeping

REI Quarter Dome Tent with no rainfly

We’ve all been there. You’re exhausted, it’s been a long day on the bike. You even managed to find a quiet place to pitch your tent. It’s not too hot, not too cold. You’ve seemingly got everything you need for a good night’s sleep. So why are you still awake? In my experience, sleeping well can […]

Explore Scenic Monument Valley on the Seat of Your Bicycle!

Monument Valley three buttes

Now you can explore the majestic Monument Valley in Northern Arizona on the seat of your bicycle! This amazingly scenic one-day bike ride will transport you across 17 miles of dirt roads, towering mesas, beautiful buttes and inspirational spires formed over the millennia out of sand and stone. Watch the video on this page and […]

18 Year Old Cycles Across the USA After Graduating From High School

18 Year Old USA Bike Tour - Quinn

 Quinn is an amazing 18 year old who cycled across the USA after graduating from high school. During his cross-country cycling adventure, Quinn came and stayed at my home in Park City, Utah… and during his stay I took some time to sit down with him and interview him about his epic cross-country bikepacking […]

Claire & Caroline’s 1st Bikepacking Trip

Claire Simpson, Darren Alff and Caroline Bikepacking in Utah Video

 Last summer, I was invited to the Bonneville Salt Flats in northwestern Utah on a short, overnight campout with my friend Madison and some of her friends. While there, I met Claire and Caroline… who shortly thereafter invited me to join them on a 3-day backpacking trip in the Sawtooth National Forest in the […]

Colin Herron’s Incredible Cross-Country Bike Tour (USA)

Colin Herron's USA Bike Tour - Podcast Interview

 Colin Herron is riding his bicycle across the United States! In this half-hour interview with Colin, we hear why this young man decided to make the cross-country trip of a lifetime, what he has learned about himself and his country along the way, and the lesson’s he’s learned as a long distance bicycle traveler. […]

Using WarmShowers.org To Score Free Lodging When You Travel By Bike

WarmShowers Host and Guest

 WarmShowers.org is a FREE community-run website that enables individuals traveling by bike to find hosts around the world who are willing to put them up for a night or two during the middle of their travels. If you are familiar with websites such as CouchSurfing.com or GlobalFreeloaders.com, then you are already familiar with the […]

My Bikepacking Gear List

Bikpacking Gear List

Here is my complete bikepacking gear list – a detailed listing of each and every item I carry with me on my off-road bikepacking adventures. My Complete Bikepacking Gear List: Feel free to use this bikepacking gear list as a template for your own bikepacking adventures. Pay attention to the bike I’m riding, the bikepacking […]

How To Find The Best Touring Bicycle

best kind of touring bicycle

 Before you can even begin to look for your ideal touring bicycle, you first need to understand the different types of bicycles tours – as the type of touring bicycle that is going to be best for you is going to be very much determined by the type of bicycle touring you wish to […]

Bikepacking Bags: Frame Packs, Seat Packs & Handlebar Bags

Bikepacking Bags for touring bicycles

 Bikepacking is a new form of bicycle touring that combines the best of mountain biking with the basic principles of long-distance backpacking. While traditional road-based bicycle touring consists of riding mostly on paved roads and bike paths, bikepacking consists of mostly off-road cycling on dirt or gravel roads and single-track trails. While road cyclists […]

Bikepacking Big Bear Lake in Southern California

Bikepacking Big Bear Lake

There’s a scenic forest road situated high above Big Bear Lake in Southern California that only a few people know about. It takes about 1 hour of steady cycling from the city center to reach what is known as “Skyline Road,” and once you reach this magical place… the cycling is out of this world! […]

Bikepacking Big Bear Lake – The Gear I Carried With Me

big bear lake bikepacking trip

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each and every item I carried with me on my recent bikepacking trip in the mountains above Big Bear Lake in Southern California. Feel free to use this bikepacking gear list as a template for your own bikepacking adventures.