Bikepacking Bags: Frame Packs, Seat Packs & Handlebar Bags

Bikepacking Bags for touring bicycles

Bikepacking is a new form of bicycle touring that combines the best of mountain biking with the basic principles of long-distance backpacking.

While traditional road-based bicycle touring consists of riding mostly on paved roads and bike paths, bikepacking consists of mostly off-road cycling on dirt or gravel roads and single-track trails.

While road cyclists usually carry their belongings in a trailer or a set of pannier bags attached to racks mounted on the front and rear frames of their bicycles, bikepackers carry their belongings in a series of small frame packs that are strapped or mounted to their bicycle’s handlebars, frame and/or fork. Packing in this way allows you to cycle over rough terrain without having your belongings bounce around or completely fall of your bicycle as you ride.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: The bikepacking bags featured in this video are made by a company called Wanderlust Gear. Highly recommended water-resistant (but not entirely waterproof) bikepacking bags!

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  1. Frank Lum says:

    Isn’t another advantage of the narrow bikepacking setup the fact that it’s less likely to catch on brush if you’re on a single-track trail?

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