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Scary Nighttime Animal Encounters

scary nighttime animal encounters

 Have you ever been camping in the woods and heard a noise outside and thought to yourself, “Is there a big, scary animal outside my tent?” Well, in this storytime video from Darren Alff, the Bicycle Touring Pro, you will hear about three scary nighttime encounters with animals from Darren’s bicycle touring adventures all […]

My Terrifying Encounter With The “Wild Man”

 My eyes were open, but all I could see was darkness. Pure black. A vague cloud of charcoal swirled in front of my eyes and I struggled to gain focus. I knew where I was, but I was unable to do anything about it. I was laying on my back, incapable of movement, and […]

My Frightening Encounter With A Mountain Lion

Cyclist Encounters Mountain Lion in US State of Virginia

 In the summer of 2003, Darren Alff (then age 19) spent two months cycling up the Eastern Coast of the United States on his bicycle – starting in Raleigh, North Carolina and ending in Portland, Maine. Along the way, Darren pedaled his bicycle close to two thousand miles, had some incredible adventures along the […]