My Frightening Encounter With A Mountain Lion

Cyclist Encounters Mountain Lion in US State of Virginia

In the summer of 2003, Darren Alff (then age 19) spent two months cycling up the Eastern Coast of the United States on his bicycle – starting in Raleigh, North Carolina and ending in Portland, Maine.

Along the way, Darren pedaled his bicycle close to two thousand miles, had some incredible adventures along the way, and met some truly spectacular people.

But it wasn’t until Darren cycled out of North Carolina and crossed into the neighboring state or Virginia that this young cyclist would encounter his first wild animal – a massive, golden puma with a thick, long tail sitting on the side of a remote forest farm road.

To hear the story of Darren Alff’s frightening encounter with a mountain lion on the back-roads of Virginia, watch the video above or listen to the attached podcast episode.

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