Travel Expenses From Austria, Slovenia And Croatia

This is the fourth installment of my monthly income reports from my current long distance bicycle tour in Europe.

Months 1, 2 and 3 can be found below:

I began the month in Vienna, where I spent the first five days before leaving my rented apartment in the Prater district and traveling by train to Salzburg. I spent two nights in Salzburg, renting a hotel room while I was there.

After leaving Salzburg, I traveled by train once again to the city of Innsbruck, where I “couch surfed” for a night before jumping on yet another train and going to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In Ljubljana I stayed with Bicycle Touring Pro readers Vesna and Jure – and their roomates Boris and Urska. For two nights, Vesna and Jure hosted me in their fourth-floor apartment and drove me around in their car to some of Slovenia’s most famous landmarks, a bit of Italy, and the Slovenia coastline.

From Ljubljana I boarded yet another train to Zagreb, Croatia, where I spent the day and then jumped on a night train to Split.

After spending a day exploring Split, I bribed my way onto a ferry boat, which took me to the nearby island or Korcula. From there, I immediately caught another ride on a significantly smaller ferry that took me to the small town of Orebic.

I arrived in Orebic on the 15th of April and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve rented a small one-room apartment on the third story of a family’s home, about 300 meters from the sea. As I write this I’m sitting on my private balcony, with a view of the Adriatic sea and an incredible 20+ nearly islands. Absolutely amazing!

I’ve spend the last two weeks working via my laptop, exploring the nearby towns and villages on my bicycle, and taking to the mountains on foot.

So now that you know what I’ve been up to, here’s a breakdown of my expenses for the month:


  • Vienna Apartment – $0 (I included the 5 days from this month in last month’s costs)
  • Salzburg Hotel – $93.86 (2 nights)
  • Innsbruck Couchsurfing – $0
  • Ljblijana – $0 (Thank you Vesna and Jure for being such excellent hosts)
  • Orebic Apartment – 516.15 Euros Total ($684.38 Total – $258 pro-rated for this month)


  • Supermarket – $98.83
  • Pizza In Slovenia – 30 Euros ($39.80)


  • Train Pass – $0 (I paid for this last month and included it in my expenses there)
  • 4 Ferry Rides – 91 Kuna ($16.26)
  • Train Fees For My Bicycle – 9.80 Euros and 30 Kuna ($18.36)


TOTAL $556.73

Now if someone tells you that traveling in Europe is expensive, you can direct them to this page and prove them wrong.

But seriously. My expenses each month keeping getting smaller and smaller… and this month was really impressive. But as summer quickly approaches and the tourist season bears its ugly head, I expect the prices on the rest of my trip to quickly escalate.

Check back next month to see how much I end up spending while continuing my travels in Croatia and Montenegro.


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  1. Bill Waters says:

    Great website and travel journal. How do you locate available small apartments for rent?


    Memphis, TN

  2. Sowmya Ayyar says:

    Hi! I am trying to cycle from Austria into Slovenia and Croatia in March. I’m okay to walk sometimes also, and if needbe, the bus or train…. I’m a novice and would love your advice. Need a place to rent a cycle.

    I live in India, so fresh air is much needed. I have 8-10 days…..

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