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7 Ways To Save Huge Amounts of Money With

Save Money When Staying with AirBNB is an amazing online platform that allows you to easily find and rent apartments, houses and a wide variety of properties all around the world. I love staying in AirBNBs… and over the last eight years I have rented dozens of AirBNB properties all around the world. In fact, I have rented so many […]

Cycling In Taiwan – Everything You Need To Know

The island nation of Taiwan is a small, but crowded place filled with friendly people, good food, affordable accommodations, and some of the best cycling infrastructure in the entire world. Taiwan is truly a land built for bicycle travel! Click here to read about (and see photos from) my month-long bicycle tour in Taiwan… and […]

How Much Does It Cost To Go Bicycle Touring In South Africa?

Bicycle touring in a foreign country like South Africa doesn’t cost nearly as much as you think. During the month of April, 2013, I cycled more than 1,400 kilometers from Cape Town to Ficksburg, South Africa and spent only $705.13 USD during the entire month. This cost includes everything from hotel stays, to food, toiletries, […]

My Tiny House In Observatory – Cape Town, South Africa

This is the house I’ve rented in Cape Town, South Africa (in a neighborhood called “Observatory”). The owners of the house usually live here and rent out their spare bedroom for extra income, but I lucked out and rented their spare bedroom during a time when the owners were away on vacation in Ghana. So […]

50 Stealth Camping Super Tips

Stealth camping is the act of secretly camping in a public or private area (sometimes legally – sometimes illegally) and moving on the next morning without being detected. Stealth camping is an excellent way to not only find free places to camp, but is also a great way to discover excellent campground locations, get a […]

Never Leave Your Bicycle On The Street Overnight… And The Importance Of Purchasing A Proper Touring Bicycle

On July 9th, 2012 I was sitting at a campground in Geneva, Switzerland when a young man across the way called over, “Is your name Darren?” Turns out the man’s name was Scott and he was a reader who had recognized me from my photos on the website and knew that I was in […]

Traveling In Iceland: How Much Does It Cost?

European travel doesn’t have to be terribly expensive. I proved that once before, when I traveled through Europe for nine whole months and spent an average of just $1,250 USD per month. This year I’m working to prove this theory again, as I’m back in Europe on another multi-month bicycle touring adventure. And like in […]

20 Incredible Camping Locations In Iceland

One of the things that makes Iceland such an incredible location for a long-distance bicycle touring is its endless array of camping spots. Finding an area to pitch your tent each night isn’t difficult. The most difficult part about camping in Iceland is figuring out which direction to set up your tent so as to […]

Questions & Answers About Bicycle Touring

Here at Bicycle Touring Pro, I get questions all the time about how to plan, prepare for and execute both short and long-distance bicycle touring adventures. Most of these questions come in via email and I take a huge amount of time out of my personal schedule each week to respond to each and every […]

What Travel Has Taught Me About The Value Of A Dollar

International travel is cheap! I proved it in 2009  when I traveled through Europe on my bicycle for 9 months and came home from that trip with 70% more money in my bank account than when I left. And I’m proving it again this year, as I’ve been traveling for the past three months through […]

Travel Through Peru For Less Than $500 USD Per Month

It’s that time of the month again! The time of month when I round up my monthly travel expenses and share with you just how much it REALLY costs to travel in various places around the world. This month I’m in Peru… and it’s definitely been one eventful month. During the first 31 days of […]

Trading Your Skills For Free Hotel Rooms & Apartments

This article is about how I obtained 3-weeks of free accommodations while traveling by myself in the country of Peru… and it’s about how YOU can do the same thing anywhere in the world by using the simple trick I am about to tell you about. But before I tell you how to go about […]