A Day At The Mound In Krakow, Poland



On my first full day in Krakow, Poland, I jumped back on my bicycle and rode a shot distance across town (through the snow) to the Zwierzyniec mound. I paid about $4 USD to get into the mound (which is little more than a man-made hill in the middle of a small fortress). At the top I met the four young people you see in the first photo. I spoke to them for a short while and learned that they were from Spain, Canada, France and Romania. Afterward, I toured the on-site museum and learned a little bit about some of the famous people in Krakow’s history and about the numerous fortifications built in and around the city. Then I got back on my bike and rode back to my apartment. It was a short outing, but a good introduction to Krakow and life outside the city center.

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