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How To Travel Light & Pack Everything You Own Inside A Single Backpack

osprey farpoint 40 world travel lightweight backpack

 You own too much stuff! If you want to travel light, fast and easy, the best way to do that is pack everything you own inside an airline-friendly, carry-on size backpack – like the Osprey Farpoint 40 (featured in this video). Watch this video from beginning to end and you will discover: Why it’s […]

The Silver Coast Bike Tour with Top Bike Tours Portugal

Silver Coast Bike Tour - Group Photo

The sun sparkles in silver rays as it bounces on the water off the shores of the central coast of Portugal. As you cycle along the seashore, seagulls fly overhead in search of fishermen pulling in nets filled with fish. Women and children play in the sand nearby as men dressed in formal wear sit […]

Bicycle Touring Might Be Your Most Rewarding Accomplishment This Year

Goal Setting with the Bicycle Touring Pro

Would you like to accomplish something GREAT this year? Something that challenges you, makes you feel good and is so incredibly rewarding that you will remember it for the rest of your life? If that sounds like something you want for yourself… then I’m here to encourage you, right now, to start planning and preparing […]

I’m Going To France & I Need Your Help Selecting The Best Bike Tour

I’m currently in the process of planning my bike tours for 2019… and I’ve decided that I’m going to return to France for another epic bicycle touring adventure! Click here to help me plan my bike tour. I’ve been to France on several previous bike tours, but France is one of the best destinations in […]

Explore Chaco Canyon By Bicycle – North America’s Machu Picchu

Chaco Canyon New Mexico - Pueblo Bonito

Follow along as I travel to Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico, do a little cycling, and then explore some of the largest, most mysterious pueblo structures in all of North America. If you think Machu Picchu in Peru is impressive, you’ll really be blown away by the size of Pueblo Bonito in New Mexico’s […]

Bikepacking Big Bear Lake in Southern California

Bikepacking Big Bear Lake

There’s a scenic forest road situated high above Big Bear Lake in Southern California that only a few people know about. It takes about 1 hour of steady cycling from the city center to reach what is known as “Skyline Road,” and once you reach this magical place… the cycling is out of this world! […]

Photos & Video From The “Bikes & Burritos” Overnight Bike Tour

Bikes & Burritos Overnight Bike Tour

On Saturday, March 10th, 2018, thirteen of my Bicycle Touring Pro readers from all across the state of California gathered at my parents’ home in Camarillo, California and together we cycled 20 miles down the Pacific Coast to a nearby state campground called “Sycamore Canyon Campground.” Once there, we set up our tents, lit a […]

Prescott National Forest Bike Tour

Bicycle touring pro in the Prescott National Forest pine trees

Get ready for an incredible cycling adventure with the Prescott National Forest Bike Tour! The Prescott National Forest is a 1.25 million acre U.S. National Forest located in and around the city of Prescott, Arizona. At its lowest elevation, the Prescott National Forest looks like that of the Sonoran Desert. But as the elevation rises, […]

#Vanlife Lessons: What I Learned During My First 2 Months Of Living, Working & Traveling In A Van

Darren Alff's Dodge Caravan Campervan and touring bicycle

People know me as the “Bicycle Touring Pro” because, for the last 17 years, I’ve been traveling around the world on my bicycle and teaching people like you to conduct their own incredible bicycle touring adventures. But this autumn, rather than going on another big bike tour in some foreign country, I decided  to try […]

Northern Sweden By Bike: Our 2017 Group Bicycle Tour From Umeå to Luleå

Three male and female bicycle tourists riding on dirt road

There’s a small city called Umeå in northeastern Sweden that few tourists have ever heard of or would ever care to visit. But this beautiful university town on the edge of the Ume river became the launching pad for my 2017 bike tour in Sweden, Finland and Norway; served as my home-base for the entire […]

Live Your Dream Life With “The 4-Hour Workweek”

The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

This is the book I recommend you read ►►► The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss For the last 17+ years, I’ve been traveling around the world on my bicycle. I’ve cycled across more than 50 different countries on 5 different continents and I’ve lived in dozens of different cities all around the world. I bought […]

Bikepacking in Bears Ears, Utah

bikepacking bears ears utah

Follow along in this short video as Darren Alff and his friend Bryan go bikepacking in Bears Ears, Utah! The Bears Ears, in case you don’t know, are a pair of red-rock mesas located in San Juan County in southeastern Utah in the United States. In recent months, Bears Ears National Monument has been at […]