10 Best Bike Racks For Garage Storage Solutions

Bike racks for garage use are a great way of saving space and getting rid of clutter. The frustration of trying to get to your bike, toys, storage bins and your car in your tiny garage all too real. It’s also an unnecessary hassle to start your workday commute, your joyride, or your time with the kids. It’s time to sort through the clutter and get those bikes of your evenly spaced and untangled – maybe even off the floor, and certainly out of your entryway. Once you try one of these ten simple bike racks for garage use, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having a garage bike storage solution sooner.


feedback sports hanging bike rack for garage

Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack

This simple bike rack is a great compact option to hold one bike horizontally. This highly-rated rack mounts to the wall with just two screws and can be adjusted to fit any kind of bike. It’s affordable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing with its black simplicity, but the best—and perhaps most important part: it is incredibly sturdy! Use wall studs to properly install the rack and hang your bike with confidence, knowing your bike won’t take a fall!


red and black hanging bike racks for garage

Bike Wall Mount Rack Storage Hanger

Here’s another simple solution for single bike storage. This wall mounted storage rack holds bikes horizontally and is suitable for a variety of different kinds of bikes. It weighs just more than a pound and a half but can confidently hold a bike that weighs up to 66 pounds. Installation is made easy because the necessary hardware to mount the bike rack on the wall is included in your order.


bicycle wall hanger

Bicycle Wall Hanger

This modern looking wall mount is a storage rack that holds a single bike vertically. The steel frame is outstandingly durable for its small size and holds a variety of styles of bikes. Thoughtful touches to the design mean the hook won’t cause wear on the rims of the tires and you have a place to loop a bike lock for added storage safety. All necessary hardware for installation is included in your order. A great, high quality and affordable option.


stoneman sports 2 bike storage racks for garage

Stoneman Sports 2-Bike Storage Rack

No installation or wall mounting required with this freestanding bike rack. It fits two bikes of any style thanks to its adjustable cradles and it holds up to eighty pounds. The frame is made of solid steel with a steady base making it a durable option. Additional touches like plastic coating on the cradles mean your bike can be stored without worries of damage or scratches. The black, inconspicuous finish makes it a great addition to any of your storage spaces.


5 bike floor parking bike rack

5 Bike Floor Parking Rack

This family-friendly bike stand holds up to five bikes in a variety of different sizes. It is cleverly designed to separate into different parts, so you can store all five bikes together or separate them to be stored individually. The ten pound, powdered steel frame will exceed your quality expectations and you can look forward to this option lasting much longer than its one-year warranty. You’ll be delighted in the new accessibility of your bikes without the frustration untangling or heavy lifting!


saris hanging bike rack for garage

Saris Cycle Glide Hanging Bike Rack

This bike storage option stores up to four bikes all the way up on the ceiling. It isn’t the cheapest option, but if you’re looking for a real space-saver, look no further. The Saris Cycle Glide holds a variety of different bikes, up to fifty pounds each. The storage is all one unit, but each rack glides independently of the other so you can easily access the bike of your choice. An added bonus to this option is you can buy an additional two gliding racks to hold a total of six bikes. Once you get used to a bit of overhead lifting, you will be blown away by the clever design of this storage solution, and delighted by all the extra floor space you’ve freed up!


delta michelangelo bike rack for garage use

Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack

This storage option is a great space saver for garages and even small spaces in your home or apartment. Assembly is a breeze as this rack is designed to lean against the wall with just a small chain that attaches at the top for added stability. The Delta Michelangelo bike rack is sturdy and the stand holds up well on a variety of surfaces, including carpet. The cradles are coated to protect your bike from scuffs and scratches and are adjustable to fit a variety of bikes. The whole thing can hold up to one hundred pounds, making it a simple and straight forward option for your bike storage needs.


bicycle storage list hoist

Bicycle Storage Lift Hoist

This storage system operates with hooks and pulleys to hang even your heaviest bike. The bicycle storage list hoist system is sold in a quantity of two—allowing storage for two bikes. Each one is mounted to the ceiling separately. Two coated hooks—one for the handlebars, one for the seat—hold your bike securely without scratching. Buy this storage solution in confidence, knowing the company offers a lifetime warranty. Look forward to convenient storage to get your bikes untangled and off the floor for good, without the frustration of heavy lifting.


monkey bars hanging bike storage solution for garages

Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack

This long-term storage solution is excellent for getting your bikes untangled and off the floor. The Monkey Bars bike rack holds up to six bicycles, using coated hooks that won’t damage the rims. For daily use, this rack best stores a maximum of four bikes so that you can easily access your bike and get on your way. The industrial steel frame mounts onto the wall and is incredibly durable—holding a total of up to 200 pounds.


hanging bike rack hook

Tekton 7644 Heavy Duty Bike Hook

This simple, economical option is a great place to start for those of you ready to get your bike off the ground without committing to one of the fancier and more expensive storage solutions listed above. These tried and true bike hooks mount into either walls or ceilings, giving you the option to store your bike horizontally or vertically. The hooks are surprisingly durable—holding up to 100 pounds—plus they are coated to protect your bike from scuffs and scratches. If you do eventually decide to purchase one of the other storage options, you can reuse these hooks to hold yard tools, folding chairs, or the garden hose!


grassroots bamboo bicycle rack

Grassracks Bamboo Bike Rack

If you’re looking for a stylish, sturdy and good-looking bike rack for your bicycle, then consider the Rackcycle bamboo bike rack from Grassracks. This one-bike, wall-hanging bike ride is designed to be the strongest and best looking bike rack on the market. It features and easy-to-mount design, two small hanging hooks, a top shelf (which can be used to store your wallet, keys, bike tools and other miscellaneous items), and it’s designed to hold up to 65 lbs of weight. This bamboo bike ride is both beautiful and good for the environment and would make for an excellent garage bike rack or even something that could be hung in your home, office or condo/apartment.




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