Raypal USB Rechargeable Bike Light – My Review

usb rechargeable bicycle light

The RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light is a lightweight (31g), inexpensive, horizontal rear bicycle light that can be quickly recharged via USB. Instead of being powered by one or more AAA batteries, the RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light comes equipped with a small Lithium polymer battery (3.7V 55mAh), which can be charged to full capacity in approximately two hours (depending on the computer or wall charger the light is being charged with). Once charged, the RayPal USB Bike Light will last for anywhere from 1.5 to 6.5 hours when powered on, depending on which mode it happens to be set to.

raypal usb rechargeable bicycle light 100 lumins

I received my RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light from GearBest.com and it was delivered to my house through the mail. The light arrived in a timely manner and the product was everything I expected it to be. From the packaging, it looked like a cheap “Made in China” bike light, but upon opening the product and looking at it more closely, I was surprised to see that the quality of the light was actually quite good. I’d even go so far as to say that the RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light is just as good as some of the more pricey USB rechargeable bike lights I’ve bought in the past (many of them costing me $30-$50 USD). The RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light, however, costs only $10.77 USD (at the time of this review).

raypal usb bike light kit

The RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light comes with three basic parts: A short USB charging cable, a thin rubber quick release mount (which fits on seat posts and handlebars measuring between 12-32 mm), and the USB light itself. The product does not come with a wall charger, so be prepared to plug this light into your computer in order to charge it, or be sure to purchase an extra USB wall charger when you buy this bike light for yourself.

raypal usb rechargeable bike light on seatpost

The RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light is programmed to display its bright red rear light in six different modes:

  • Standard (Steady Low Light – 20 lumen)
  • High (Steady Medium Light – 50 lumen)
  • Overdrive (Steady Bright Light – 100 lumen)
  • 50% Flashing – (Medium Flashing Light)
  • 100% Flashing – (Bright Flashing Light)
  • Strobe – (Fast Bright Flashing Light)

The battery life of this USB powered bike light will vary greatly depending on which mode you set it to. Set it to the Standard light mode and the battery could last as much as 6.5 hours. Or set it to the Overdrive mode and your battery will die after just 1.75 hours or less.

For the price, the RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light is a really good rear bike light for those who want a USB chargeable device. But keep in mind that the battery life is extremely short and is best used for local commuters or those conducting short and fast rides near your home. If you’re looking for a light that will last all day (or all night), or will be used for long-distance touring purposes, then this probably isn’t the best light for you.

To buy or learn more about the RayPal USB Rechargeable Bike Light, head on over to www.bestgear.com. This rear bicycle light is available at Amazon.com.

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