Carbon Fiber Bicycle Handlebar Extension

glib bicycle handlebar extension

If the space on your handlebars is limited because you’re riding a flat mountain bike style bicycle or because your handlebars are littered with computers, lights, a smartphone, a handlebar bag or other accessories, you might consider purchasing this carbon fiber bicycle handlebar extension.

This lightweight handlebar extension allows you to move your computers, lights and other accessories off of your handlebars and into the air closer to your head so that you have more space for your hands on the handlebars and your accessories are positioned in a better for reading your computer/smartphone or for seeing at night when biking with your lights on.

GLIB bicycle handlebar component extension kit

The Carbon Fiber Bicycle Handlebar Extension from costs only $13.92 USD (at the time of this review) and comes with a lightweight bicycle handlebar extender for all kinds of bikes (mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, etc) and a high quality carbon fiber mount that can be used on handlebars with a diameter of up to 22.2 mm. The Carbon Fiber Bicycle Handlebar Extension weighs in at only 0.045 kg and comes in 5 different colors: Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Blue

USB Bicycle Light on Handlebar Mount

In the photo above you can see how I’ve mounted a large battery powered bicycle light to the handlebar extension. This gets the light off of my handlebars (providing me with more room for my hands), while at the same time lifts the light up and over the top of my handlebar bag, which I frequently have mounted on the front of my bicycle. In this arrangement, I still have room for a bicycle computer, GPS, Smartphone or other device on the other side of the handlebar extension. There are so many different ways you could use this product!

For more information on the carbon fiber bicycle handlebar extension you see here… or to see the multitude of ways this product can be used and arranged on your bicycle’s handlebars, visit the website at

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