America By Cycle – Season 1: Ryan & Michelle’s Cross-Country Bike Touring Videos

In the summer of 2011, media journalists Ryan McFee and Michelle Cassel left their homes and traveled more than 4,500 miles across the United States of America on the famous TransAm bicycle route, which stretches across the country from Astoria, Oregon in the west to Yorktown, Virginia in the east. Then, in 2012, they did it again, this time cycling more than 1,800 miles Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast of the United States. All along the way, this young, positive and energetic couple produced short, entertaining videos about the people they met, the food they ate, the experiences they had, and the landscapes they were passing through in a series of videos they called, “America ByCycle.” Here, on this page, are the videos they produced during their first long-distance bike tour across the United States.

Each of the America ByCycle episodes (along with a short video summary) can be found on this page. But be sure to visit the website at for more information, photos, and funny bike touring antidotes from Ryan and Michelle.

Episode 1: Holy Toledo!

Watch as Ryan and Michelle prepare their bodies… their minds… and their bicycles for their momentous bicycle touring adventure across the United States of America.

Episode 2: Coal Country

Ryan and Michelle met a mechanic named David Ramey who works to repair trucks that haul coal and gravel in the mountains of Virginia. While Ryan and Michelle are environmentalists at heart, this man works in an industry that’s doing so much damage to the planet, so it’s interesting to hear what David thinks about his life and the future of coal industry.

Episode 3: Hillbilly Paradise

Tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia (in the charming town of Damascus), Ryan and Michelle make a stop at The WhistlePig Bistro – a family-owned restaurant serving “Good, Organic Vegetarian Meals.”

Episode 4: The Fantastic Finale

Ryan and Michelle meet a backpacker named Grant who attempts to eat a five pound dessert consisting of 6 scoops of ice cream, 4 brownies, a banana, walnuts, chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple toppings, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

Episode 5: 1,000 Miles & Counting

After cycling more than 1,000 miles across the United States of America, Ryan and Michelle look back at some of the funny, challenging and inspiring moments from their bike tour across the country.

Episode 6: Caved In On The Trail

Follow Ryan and Michelle as they travel to central Kentucky and explore the 350 miles worth of caves at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Episode 7: Building The Jefferson Earthship

In Jefferson, Colorado, Ryan and Michelle take a break from their bicycles for a few days to stop and help some friendly locals build a sustainable home out of old car tires and other recycled/earth-friendly materials.

Episode 8: Race To Fat

After deciding that they need to pick up the pace in order to make it to Denver, Colorado in time for the beer and biking event known as “Tour de Fat,” Ryan and Michelle pedal like man men (and women) to reach the festival in time.

Episode 9: The Adventure Cycling Association

Ryan and Michelle stop by the Adventure Cycling Association headquarters in Missoula, Montana to learn more about the increasing popularity of bike touring in the United States.

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