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How To Travel Light & Pack Everything You Own Inside A Single Backpack

osprey farpoint 40 world travel lightweight backpack

 You own too much stuff! If you want to travel light, fast and easy, the best way to do that is pack everything you own inside an airline-friendly, carry-on size backpack – like the Osprey Farpoint 40 (featured in this video). Watch this video from beginning to end and you will discover: Why it’s […]

Bikepacking Big Bear Lake – The Gear I Carried With Me

big bear lake bikepacking trip

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each and every item I carried with me on my recent bikepacking trip in the mountains above Big Bear Lake in Southern California. Feel free to use this bikepacking gear list as a template for your own bikepacking adventures.

BIKEPACKING 101: Free Video on the Basics of Bikepacking


Bikepacking 101: The Basics of Bikepacking – The following is a video recording of a LIVE YouTube web event that took place on January 31, 2018, in which Darren Alff (the Bicycle Touring Pro) shared his knowledge on the basics of bikepacking. If you don’t want to watch the video intro, please click here to […]

How To Carry Stuff On A Bike – Backpacks, Panniers & Trailers

After you decide on which bicycle you are going to ride, how do you carry all the things you will need for the tour on your bicycle? What’s the best way to carry stuff on a bike? If you know absolutely nothing about bicycle touring, you might think that bicycle travelers carry their belongings (i.e. […]

Packing For A Bicycle Tour: Everything You Need To Know

bicycle panniers on a touring bike

You want to travel the world by bike, but you’re unsure about WHAT to pack… and HOW exactly you should pack it all on your bicycle. In this article I will demonstrate to you how I pack my current touring bicycle (a Co-Motion Pangea), my four Ortlieb panniers and my single Ortlieb handlebar bag. Inside […]

What To Pack For A Year-Long Bicycle Tour

I’m traveling for a year. Yes, a year! And I’m doing it on my bicycle. It’s called long-distance bicycle touring… and traveling this way requires that you carry just about everything you need on your bicycle with you: clothes, food, toiletries and more! Your bicycle is essentially your home on the road. Because I’m traveling […]

Scicon TransAlp 2.0 Bicycle Pannier/Backpack

 If you’re looking for a way to carry your belongings around with you both on and off your bicycle, the Scicon TransAlp 2.0 might just be the perfect product for you! This unique transport system functions as both two small 10.5 liter bicycle panniers, and one large 21 liter backpack when walking around on […]

Lone Peak PD-200 Mount Olympus Pannier/Day Pack (VIDEO REVIEW)

There will come a time on your travels that you will want to step away from your bicycle and explore your surroundings on foot. The question then becomes, “How exactly do you do that?” Traditional bicycle panniers are great when used on your bike, but off the bike they can only be carried for short […]

Hydrathon: A Multi-Purpose Water Pack For Your Bicycle

The Hydrathon is a fabric pouch with a CamelBak type design that uses the frame of your bicycle to help maximize the amount of water that you can carry. With two small 1-Liter internal  reservoirs and two long hoses that lead from the reservoirs up to your mouth, you can carry two different types of […]

Hybrid Backpack – The All Purpose Bicycle Carrier

The Hybrid Backpack is a product designed to help you carry odd-sized items on your bicycle without having to transport them in a backpack, pannier or trailer. The idea here is that by carrying large items on the back of your bike, you can eliminate the weight of carrying a pack on your back – […]

Your Complete Bicycle Touring Gear Checklist

In response to my recent post on the 10 Important Items You Should Have, But Might Not Think Of Bringing On Your Bike Tour, reader, Jim Dirlam sent me a checklist that he created to help bicycle travelers pack for their upcoming bicycle touring adventures. The bicycle touring gear checklist is incredibly detailed and […]