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The VIVI 26 Inch eBike – An Amazingly Inexpensive Electric Bicycle

Vivi ebike review

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable, good looking, and easy to use eBike than the VIVI 26 inch electric mountain bicycle. This black, white and red aluminum eBike (made in China) has everything you need for daily riding around your neighborhood… and is even equipped to handle a little dirt, gravel, or off-road […]

Dawes Coast To Coast Touring Bicycle – Video Tour with Lawrence Jennings

Dawes coast to Coast touring bicycle

During my recent travels in Ukraine, I happened across a young bicycle traveler named Lawrence Jennings and sat down with him to ask him about his bicycle touring adventures… and his Dawes Coast to Coast touring bicycle. Follow Lawrence Jennings on Instagram: In addition to hearing about his bike tour from the Netherlands to […]

My Bikepacking Gear List

Bikpacking Gear List

Here is my complete bikepacking gear list – a detailed listing of each and every item I carry with me on my off-road bikepacking adventures. My Complete Bikepacking Gear List: Feel free to use this bikepacking gear list as a template for your own bikepacking adventures. Pay attention to the bike I’m riding, the bikepacking […]

New Online Course Helps You Find & Equip Your Dream Touring Bicycle

New Online Video Training Course about Touring Bicycles

If you could leave this life with either a lot of money or a lot of EXPERIENCES AND ADVENTURES… which would you choose? If you’d pick “life experiences,” then I built my new touring bicycle video course especially with YOU in mind! The “Your First Touring Bicycle” video course is my new online training program […]

Your First Touring Bicycle – An Introduction To Touring Bikes

How to buy a touring bicycle

Hello, my name is Darren Alff… and I am the Bicycle Touring Pro. In this video course I’m going to teach you four very important things that you need to know about touring bicycles… You’re going to learn what a touring bicycle is and how a touring bicycle differs from the road and mountain bike […]

Bikepacking Big Bear Lake – The Gear I Carried With Me

big bear lake bikepacking trip

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each and every item I carried with me on my recent bikepacking trip in the mountains above Big Bear Lake in Southern California. Feel free to use this bikepacking gear list as a template for your own bikepacking adventures.

Co-Motion Siskiyou: My Review of This Amazing 650b Touring Bicycle

2017 Co-Motion Siskiyou touring bicycle

There’s a movement taking place right now in the world of touring bicycles. Throngs of individuals are changing from their traditional 700c and 26 inch bicycles to the new 650b wheel/tire size – a wheel/tire size that is said to ride like a 700c road wheel, but is capable of handling the off-road terrain that […]

The Chumba Ursa 29+ Backcountry Bikepacking Bicycle

Bikepacking Example

Get ready for an incredible cycling adventure with the new Chumba Ursa 29+ bikepacking bicycle! The Chumba Ursa 29+ is an American-made mountain bike designed specifically with bikepacking in mind. Its wide 29plus tires make it great for cycling on dirt and gravel roads as well as on narrow single-track trails. The fact that the […]

BIKEPACKING 101: Free Video on the Basics of Bikepacking


Bikepacking 101: The Basics of Bikepacking – The following is a video recording of a LIVE YouTube web event that took place on January 31, 2018, in which Darren Alff (the Bicycle Touring Pro) shared his knowledge on the basics of bikepacking. If you don’t want to watch the video intro, please click here to […]

Why Autumn is the Best Time of Year to Buy a New Touring Bicycle

where to find touring bicycles for sale

Don’t wait until the spring or summer to buy your new touring bicycle! Save yourself hundreds of dollars by buying your new touring bike in the autumn – when bike sales are slow and bike shops/manufacturers are dropping their prices in order to make space for the new models they’ll be selling in the New […]

Bliss On Two Wheels: The Van Nicholas Titanium “Deveron” Touring Bicycle

Van Nicholas Deveron titanium touring bicycle

BLISS ON TWO WHEELS: A 9-week cycling adventure from Portugal to Holland on the Van Nicholas Titanium ‘Deveron’ Touring Bike. If someone had told me that I was going to fly to the other side of the world from Australia, pick up a touring bike that I’d never seen before, jump on it and ride […]

The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles – Free Download?

pdf download the essential guide to touring bicycles

“The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles” is an ebook and paperback book produced by Bicycle Touring Pro. The book is designed to teach you about the difference between touring bicycles and other bike types you might be familiar with (road bikes, mountain bikes, etc). In addition to the practical touring bike info, the book comes […]