Dawes Coast To Coast Touring Bicycle – Video Tour with Lawrence Jennings

Dawes coast to Coast touring bicycle

During my recent travels in Ukraine, I happened across a young bicycle traveler named Lawrence Jennings and sat down with him to ask him about his bicycle touring adventures… and his Dawes Coast to Coast touring bicycle.

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In addition to hearing about his bike tour from the Netherlands to the northernmost point of Norway and then back down to Greece, Lawrence took some time to show me his Dawes Coast to Coast touring bicycle – the bike he’s been riding for the entire length of his European cycling adventure.

Watch the two videos on this page from beginning to end and you will not only hear about Lawrence’s travels by bike in Europe,  but you will also get to see his Dawes Coast to Coast touring bicycle for yourself. Plus you will discover which type of panniers Lawrence has chosen to use, which racks he has equipped his bike with, how he locks and secures his bicycle each day, how he has opted to carry his gear, plus a whole lot more!

If you enjoy these videos, be sure to check out the “Show Me Your Bike” playlist on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube channel to see a wide variety of bicycles that other people are using to conduct their own incredible bicycle touring adventures all around the world.

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