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Train & Bike Horror Stories!

Train and Bike Horror Stories - Bicycle Touring Pro

 Traveling on a train with your bicycle isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes, traveling with a bike on a train is a downright disaster! In this new video/audio podcast, Darren Alff – the Bicycle Touring Pro, shares three train and bike horror stories from his bicycle touring adventures all around the world. These are […]

Learning Polish, Playing Table Tennis, And Making Friends In Beautiful Poznan, Poland

After finishing my 6+ month bike tour across Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, The Isle of Man, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, I spent a month living in Sibiu, Romania and then flew to China and Taiwan for a 2-month-long bicycle touring adventure in that country. Taiwan was great, but I wanted to get back […]

The Best Moments Of 2014 – Plus, The Lessons I Learned Along The Way

2014 has been a pretty amazing year… and I wanted to take a moment to look back on everything that’s happened. Over the last 12 months I have cycled across 15 different countries on 3 different continents (North America, Europe and Asia); I published the new and improved version of “The Bicycle Touring Blueprint” – […]

My Review Of The Danube Waltz Boat & Bike Tour With Rad & Reisen

Prepare yourself for a memorable journey down the infamous Danube River on a boat and bicycle touring adventure through four magical European countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The Danube Waltz Boat & Bike Tour with Rad & Reisen is a unique cycling/cruise ship holiday that, over the course of eight enjoyable days, takes you […]

Photos & Stories From My Boat And Bicycle Touring Adventure On The Danube River

Click here to read my full and detailed review of the Danube Waltz boat and bike tour with Rad & Reisen. In this article I will be sharing with you some additional photos and stories from the bike tour – with a more personal twist. Day 1: Make your way to Passau, Germany My flight […]

The Bicycle Touring Pro’s Travel Plans For 2014

2014 is going to be an incredible year for Bicycle Touring Pro! Not only will I be bicycle touring across 11+ countries on three different continents, but I am also going to be: Giving you the opportunity to go bicycle touring with me (Keep reading to find out more. The dates in red below are […]

Pedal The World – A Young Man’s Movie About His 365 Day Bike Tour Around The World

In his 90-minute documentary movie, Pedal The World, German-born Felix Starck sets out from home and pedals a bicycle more than 18,000 kilometers through 22 countries in just 365 days. Watch the trailer… and then read my detailed review of the movie below. Bicycle touring is often a personal endeavor. You don’t do it for […]

Summary Of My 12th Long-Distance Bike Tour

The last 12 months have been amazing. I attended the Sundance Film Festival, saw some of my favorite musicians perform live (including A Fine Frenzy and Nellie McKay), rode a motorcycle across the Western United States and conducted a 10-month-long bicycle tour across 20 European countries. In this article I aim to summarize my thoughts […]

One Year Of Bicycle Touring In Europe – 2012 Video Review

2012 was a truly incredible year! Here’s just a small taste of what I did: Spent 4 months skiing at North America’s #1 ski resort – Deer Valley. Watched 12 amazing movies at the Sundance Film Festival. Saw more than a dozen famous musicians perform, including A Fine Frenzy, Lisa Hannigan, Nellie McKay, Flying Lotus, […]

How To Travel In Europe For Less Than 700 Euros

Welcome to my June 2012 monthly travel spending report. As I travel around the world with my bicycle I like to keep track of the money I spend and share my total travel costs here on the website – what I spent my money on, how much it cost, which items cost the most, which […]

One Day In Konstanz, Germany

I went with Adam and Gabi Rybicki to Konstanz, Germany and spent pretty much the entire day there. I walked around on my own most of the time, while Adam and Gabi went shopping, got haircuts, and attended to some other businesses they needed to take care of. While I was in the center of […]

Walking In The Woods In Ludorf, Germany

There are these little forests and tree parks all over Germany and I love to walk around and explore them. Today I went on a good 2+ hour hike in the woods outside of Ludorf, Germany and had a lot of fun snapping these photos of myself.