7 Ways To Save Huge Amounts of Money With AirBNB.com

Save Money When Staying with AirBNB

AirBNB.com is an amazing online platform that allows you to easily find and rent apartments, houses and a wide variety of properties all around the world.

I love staying in AirBNBs… and over the last eight years I have rented dozens of AirBNB properties all around the world. In fact, I have rented so many AirBNB apartments and houses that I have learned some simple, yet effective, money saving techniques that I am going to share with you today.

These are my 7 biggest tips for saving huge amounts of money when renting a property on AirBNB.com…

1. Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

It may seem obvious, but if you travel to a popular part of the world during the main tourist season, you are going to pay more for your lodging than if you were to go to that same part of the world during a time of the year when fewer people want to be there.

This is why I recommend traveling (if you can) during off-peak seasons. If you can go to a popular summer destination during the spring, autumn or (better yet) the winter, you can save yourself significant amounts of money when renting a property on AirBNB. Prices may drop by as much as 50% of more during off-peak months. Plus, you get to experience that place when far fewer people are around!

2. The Longer You Stay, The More Money You’ll Save

The great thing about AirBNB vs staying in a traditional hotel is that you can negotiate significant discounts on your lodging by staying for longer periods of time. That’s why I recommend you stay in your AirBNB property for as long as possible. Weekly discount are great, but monthly discounts are even better!

If you can, don’t just rent an AirBNB property for one or two nights. Instead, stay for a week or longer! The longer you stay, the more money you’ll save!

Discounts of 5-20% are common if you rent an AirBNB apartment for one week or longer, while discounts of 30-70% can be found on some AirBNB properties if you rent them for a month or more!

Important note: Not all AirBNB properties have the discount pricing built into their listing, so if you find a property you like and the AirBNB website doesn’t mention anything about weekly or monthly pricing, be sure to write the property owner before renting and ask them if a weekly or monthly discount is available.

3. Always Ask For A Discount

While this may be my third tip for saving huge amounts of money on AirBNB, this may be the most important tip of all: “Always ask for a discount!”

Every time you rent a property on AirBNB.com, you should ask for a discount. Even if the property is already listed with a built-in weekly or monthly discount, you should always ask for a deeper discount… and expect to receive a 5-10% discount just for asking!

I have asked for a discount on pretty much every AirBNB property I have rented… and I have almost always received a discount of some kind. I recommend you do the same!

4. Build Up A Good Reputation On The Platform

This is a long-term strategy for saving money on AirBNB.com, but after you have rented several properties on the platform, you will begin to build up a reputation for yourself. Be a good renter and you’ll receive positive reviews from your AirBNB hosts. Those reviews, will in turn, allow you to negotiate bigger discounts with your AirBNB property owners in the future. When an AirBNB host looks at your profile and sees that you have been a good guest for dozens of previous hosts on the AirBNB platform, they’ll be more likely to trust you and feel comfortable giving you a discount when staying with them in the future.

5. Make Sure The Property Is Going To Work For You

While this strategy is not something that will necessarily save you money up front, this is something than can save you money after you show up at your AirBNB rental property.

The secret here is to do your research and ask the right questions before you rent an AirBNB property, so that once you show up at the house or apartment, you have EVERYTHING you need for your ideal stay.

For me, as a digital nomad, this often means having good, fast, reliable and unlimited Internet access. But for you it might mean having access to a dining table, a fully-equipped kitchen or something as simple as a washing machine.

Before you rent any property on AirBNB.com, make sure the place is equipped with everything you need for your stay.

If you are like me and need a good, fast, reliable internet connection, be sure to ask your AirBNB host about the speed of the Internet (ask them to run a speed test at www.speedtest.net if they don’t know the speed of the Internet in their property) and always ask whether or not the Internet is “unlimited” (as some properties limit the amount of Internet you can use over the course of your stay).

6. Build Positive Relationships With Your AirBNB Hosts

A pro-level tip that will save you huge amounts of money when renting AirBNB properties is to build long-lasting relationships with your AirBNB hosts.

If you return to the same part of the world often, it might be advantageous of you to build a relationship with your AirBNB property owners so that when you return to that part of the world again in the future, you can ask your host for a discount on your stay (now that they know you and trust that you will be a good guest).

I have managed to negotiate massive discounts on some of my AirBNB apartment rentals simply by building a relationship with the host and then returning to that part of the world again several months or years later and asking for a deep discount. It’s a strategy that has worked well for me… and I know it can work well for you too!

7. Earn FREE AirBNB Travel Credits

Finally, my final tip for saving money with AirBNB is to do what you can to earn as many AirBNB travel credits as you possibly can.

AirBNB.com has a referral program built into their website so that you can share AirBNB with you friends, family members, co-workers, etc. via a special AirBNB referral link that is unique to you and your account. Share this link with the people you know… and if they sign up for AirBNB and rent a property or take part in one of the website’s many unique travel experiences/tours, you will earn yourself an AirBNB travel credit (it’s kind of like free money to be used on the AirBNB website), which you can then use to stay in an AirBNB property at a discounted rate.

Over the years, I have earned thousands of dollars via my AirBNB referral links… and the credits I have received from AirBNB have allowed me to stay in dozens of apartments all around the world for either FREE or a severally discounted rate.

If you know someone who might be interested in using AirBNB.com in the future, simply share your unique AirBNB referral link with them. They’ll receive a discount off the price of their first AirBNB property booking or tour… and you will receive a FREE AirBNB travel credit, which you can then use to receive a discount off the price of your next AirBNB booking.

Important: If you are new to AirBNB and would like to receive a $55 USD discount off the price of your first trip, just click here and sign up with AirBNB.com today! You can thank me later. 😁

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