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Bike Against The Wind – A Movie About A Young Man’s 4,700 Mile Bike Ride Across The United States

ike against the wind

Watch the movie, “Bike Against The Wind” ? Mark Vashro cycled 4,700+ miles across the United States while shooting a documentary film titled “Bike Against The Wind.” In this video, the Bicycle Touring Pro (Darren Alff) sits down with Mark Vashro to discuss his bike tour, the movie he made, and what he learned […]

Bike Against The Wind – Watch The Full The Movie

bike against the wind movie

What is it that motivates someone to ride a bicycle all the way across the United States? Some do it for the bragging rights. Others do it to see the country. And others still do it as a physical test of their stamina. But for many, traveling long distances on a bicycle is an opportunity […]

Eat Sleep Surf: TAIWAN – Two Friends Cycle & Surf Their Way Across Taiwan

I just watched a new 4-part television show called Eat Sleep Surf: Taiwan… and I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about it. Eat Sleep Surf: Taiwan is a 2-hour-long video series produced by Australian filmmakers, Rian Cope and Dylan Brayshaw… and it’s the story of the duo’s own self-supported bicycle/surfing adventure […]

SOLIDREAM – The Movie: Four French Friends Film Their Bike Tour Around The World

solidream documentary

I just finished watching a really entertaining documentary film about four young French men who traveled around the world on their bicycles while partaking in a number of other wild and wacky adventures along the way. The film I’m talking about is called “Solidream” and it’s the story of Morgan, Siphay, Brian and Bertand. Starting […]

MAIDENTRIP – What I Learned From Laura Dekker, The Youngest Person To Sail Around The World


Last night I watched the movie Maindentrip… and even though the film has nothing to do with cycling, it does have a lot to do with solo world travel… and especially, what it takes to travel on your own at a very young age. Having started traveling the world at age 17 myself, I can […]

My 3 Favorite Films About Bicycle Touring

one mile above movie image

If you’re interested in bike travel and you’d like to get some inspiration for your own bicycle touring adventures, one of the best ways to do that is to watch one or more bicycle touring films. Today I’m going to share three of my favorite feature-length films about bicycle touring with you… and then I’ll […]

Sendiri: A Short Film About Bike Touring & Surfing In Beautiful Indonesia

In 2009, Australian natives Rian Cope and Dylan Bradshaw packed up their touring bikes and boogie boards and went on a three-and-a-half-month-long bicycle touring/surfing adventure in Indonesia while along the way recording their travels on video tape. When they returned home from their adventures, they edited the footage from their trip into an impressive 4-part […]

Two New Bicycle Touring Films You Should Watch This Weekend

I just watched two great movies about bicycle touring… and I want to tell you all about them. The first movie is a documentary called “Janapar” and in this film, a young man named Tom Allen leaves his home in England and set out in an attempt to cycle around the world. But when he […]

One Mile Above: A Feature-Length Film About Bicycle Touring To The Highest Point In Tibet

one mile above movie image

I just watched the most wonderful movie… and I’d like to take a moment to tell you all about it. The film is called “One Mile Above” and it is the story of a young, 24-year-old Taiwanese man named Shuhao who, after his brother dies in an accident, takes it upon himself to cycle from […]

Janapar: Love On A Bike – Movie Review

Love can find you anywhere… even in Armenia. That’s what British-born Tom Allen discovered during his three-and-half-year round-the-world bicycle touring attempt in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. A total newbie to the world of long-distance bicycle touring, 23-year-old Tom Allen pedaled away from his comfortable English lifestyle and set off into the unknown with two […]

Pedal The World – A Young Man’s Movie About His 365 Day Bike Tour Around The World

In his 90-minute documentary movie, Pedal The World, German-born Felix Starck sets out from home and pedals a bicycle more than 18,000 kilometers through 22 countries in just 365 days. Watch the trailer… and then read my detailed review of the movie below. Bicycle touring is often a personal endeavor. You don’t do it for […]

Within Reach: A Movie Review About Bicycle Touring And Sustainable Communities

Mandy Creighton and Ryan Mlynarczyk are an inspirational young couple that decided to leave their homes, sell almost all of their possessions, and travel more than 12,000 miles around the United States by bike. But this wasn’t just a normal bicycle tour for this young couple. No! Mandy and Ryan were on a mission to […]