Two New Bicycle Touring Films You Should Watch This Weekend

I just watched two great movies about bicycle touring… and I want to tell you all about them.


The first movie is a documentary called “Janapar” and in this film, a young man named Tom Allen leaves his home in England and set out in an attempt to cycle around the world. But when he makes it Armenia, he meets and falls in love with a young woman and is forced to make a difficult choice. Does he continue cycling around the world and give up his chance at love with this young woman? Or does he stay in Armenia and give up his dreams of bicycle touring around the world?

The second film I want to tell you about is called “One Mile Above” and it is NOT a documentary. This is a full-length feature film about a young, 24-year-old Taiwanese man named Shuhao who, after his brother dies in an accident, takes it upon himself to cycle from Taiwan to the highest point in Tibet, and complete the bicycle touring journey his brother had always dreamed of taking while he was alive.

This is a beautiful shot film about brotherly love, physical challenges, and the meaning that so many people put into their bicycle tours.

More Movies About Bicycle Touring

Over the years I have reviewed dozens of movies about bicycle touring or cycling of some kind. Here are a few of my favorites:


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