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bike against the wind movie

What is it that motivates someone to ride a bicycle all the way across the United States?

Some do it for the bragging rights. Others do it to see the country. And others still do it as a physical test of their stamina. But for many, traveling long distances on a bicycle is an opportunity to take a therapeutic glance inward and come to terms with who they are now, and (more importantly) who they want to become in the future.

Mark Vashro is one such individual, who at a very young age, cycled across the United States on a loaded touring bicycle and used his cross-country adventure as an opportunity to learn more about both his country and himself, while at the same time documenting his experiences in a new feature-length movie titled, “Bike Against The Wind.”

In terms of production value, this self-shot documentary is what you might expect to see of any young man biking across the country on his own. There are lots of static tripod shots and clips of Mark talking to himself. The street-side interviews Mark performs are messy and unprofessional at times, but they’re charming in a way and work to capture both the chaos and confusion that occurs when you’re traveling by bike and meeting a stranger on the side of the road (or in their home). Plus, there are are some short, but touching animated segments scatted throughout the film that bring the entire documentary to a whole new level of deepness. So, while the film may be lacking on the cinematography front, it more than makes up for it in its overall message.

Bike Against The Wind is a documentary that truly captures what it is to be a young person, struggling to figure out who you in the world and where you want to go. Through a series of short, animated “sketches” and candid one-on-one interviews, we follow Mark Vashro on his cross-country bicycle touring adventure while at the same time getting an inside glimpse into both the people of America and ourselves.

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