Entering Civilized Romania Once Again

The first part of my day was spent riding on dirt roads through a long string of remote Romanian villages, but as soon as I hit pavement in Bicaz-Che and turned east toward Bicaz, I finally began riding at an normal pace again. It was flat (or downhill) most of the way to large modern city of Piatra Neamt. I arrived just before nightfall and secure a night of lodging at a hotel in the center of the city.

Whoever owned this particular hotel must have been a very creative businessman, because the hotel was in a building that was shared with an auto shop, a nightclub, a restaurant and a casino. You could do it all in this one building! I though it was very entrepreneurial. Unfortunately for the owner, I seemed to be the only hotel patron, and the restaurant, nightclub and casino looked as though they had been empty for years. Sadly, that’s what happens sometimes when you try and diversify. Rather than be really good at any one thing, you are just mediocre (or really bad) at a whole lot of things.

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