CycleAware Beamer – Fully Reflective Saddle Bag

beamer cycleaware silver reflective seat pack

When you go out on a bike ride (whether it be a short day ride near your home or a long-distance bicycle touring adventure), there are always a few things you need to carry with you – a multi-tool, a spare tube, some tire levers, and maybe your wallet! But how do you carry all those loose belongings on your bicycle if you don’t want to have them falling out of your pockets as you ride? Obviously, carrying them in a saddle bag such as the CycleAware Beamer is a good idea!

The CycleAware Beamer is a simple under the saddle bag like you might find in any local bike shop or on the back of millions of bikes all around the world. The only major difference between this saddle bag and those you are familiar with is that the Beamer is made entirely out of reflective material – offering you improved protection when cycling at night and being seen by motorists coming at you from the back and the sides.

Traditional bicycle saddle bags may come with a strip of reflective material or a small reflective logo or two on either side, but the CycleAware Beamber is unique because it is an almost 100% reflective saddle bag. During the day. The CycleAware Beamer looks like an ordinary gray saddle bag that is perfectly positioned under the rear end of your bicycle’s seat post. But at night, the Beamber lights up and gets you noticed – not just from vehicles coming at you from the rear, but from almost every direction!

cycleaware beamer reflective saddle bag

Overall, the CycleAware Beamer is incredibly basic. It features a single zippered compartment and one clickable strap that secures the saddle bag to the underside of your bike seat. Once you have the bag in position, just fill it up with you whatever it is you want to carry with you, and you’re off!

To learn more or to buy a CycleAware Beamber of your very own, visit the CycleAware website or shop for the CycleAware Beamer on

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