RoadAir Go Pump It! – Bicycle Hand Pump Review

roadair bicycle tire pump and frame mount

I get sent free bike pumps all the time… and this is the third bike pump I’ve reviewed in recent months. The first two being the Axiom EnforceAir Pro Road Bike Pump and the G4Free Mini Bike Pump – both of which are designed to function like mini floor pumps.

The RoadAir Go Pump It! bicycle pump is more of a traditional bike pump, however, with a lightweight design, Presta and Schrader valve fittings, a bicycle frame mounting bracket, and a hidden compartment where a ball pump and other accessories can be stored.

While the RoadAir Go Pump It! is certainly shorter than the other bike pumps I’ve reviewed recently, it does feel quite a bit heavier – due in large part (I believe) to the bulky metal head. It’s strange the bike pump is so heavy actually, considering it is so small and still contains so many plastic pieces.

Other than its weight, the RoadAir Go Pump It! bicycle pump functions exactly as it should. Use the included Presta/Schrader valve converter to quickly and easily switch between the two types of tubes and pump air into your bike tires. Like most hand pumps of this type, pumping the air into your bicycle tires starts out relatively easy and then gets increasingly more difficult as the air pressure increases. With a little muscle, however, you are able to get your bike tires up to their recommended pressure levels.

road air bicycle pump ball valve

I like this pump because of its size, the hidden compartment at the bottom of the pump, and because of the easy to use mounting bracket, which secures nicely to the frame of your bicycle.

The pump could be a little lighter, and it could be a bit easier to pump, but otherwise, it functions exactly as a hand pump should. I’d rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

Click here to buy the RoadAir Go Pump It! bicycle pump on (currently priced at only $29.95 USD). Despite what I think about this pump, users have given it a nearly perfect 5 out of 5 star rating. Read some of those other reviews, if you like, to learn more about the RoadAir Go Pump It!

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