How To Take Amazing Travel Photos

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Planning a trip? You’re gonna be taking some photos, right?

If so, you better make sure the photos you take turn out the way you want them to, because when you travel you only have one chance to get your photos right. Take the wrong photo and you may never have another chance to return and take a better one.

If you are anything like me, traveling makes you dream of capturing the magical experiences of your journey and returning home with a camera full of captivating images to show your friends and family.

The truth, however, is that you probably return home with wonderful memories, but a camera full of uninspiring  images that don’t do your adventure justice, and leave your friends and family disinterested.

That is why it is so important that you know what you are doing when it comes to capturing incredible travel photos.

Transcending Travel is a new eBook put out by Darren Rowse and the photo experts at Digital Photography School. This new book is a guide to captivating travel photography – for beginners and experts alike.

Not only is the book designed to give you the skills and inspiration needed to take riveting travel images (ones so striking you’re friends won’t be able to stop talking about and sharing them), but the information contained inside the book is applicable whether you’re traveling near your home or somewhere far, far away.

Written by acclaimed professional travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich, Transcending Travel is a downloadable PDF eBook specifically designed to help you improve your travel photography.

Here’s a sample page from inside the book:

Not only is the book beautifully designed, but it is broken down into four easy to understand sections:

1. Preparation: advice on preparing for your trip

  • How to research your trip
  • Choosing the Right Lenses to take
  • Buying the right camera body
  • Other Equipment to take

2. Composition: how to communicate effectively to those who view your images through principles of photographic composition.

  • The Photographic Frame and how to use it
  • How to draw the eye of those viewing your images
  • The importance of Focal Points, Perspective, Negative Space, Lines, Patterns, Depth of Field and more in Composition

3. Light: how to use light creatively to tell your stories, communicate your emotion and evoke emotions in others.

  • First steps to using light creatively
  • How to ‘Direct’ natural and available light
  • Familiarization with different times of day and lighting situations (including Twilight, ‘magic hour’, in midday sun, diffused light, firelight and foggy light) and teaching on what effects different types of light have.
  • How to shoot after sundown
  • Lighting tools: flashes and reflectors

4. Making Photos: walks readers through numerous aspects involved in the making of a good travel photograph.

  • 5 key elements of the photographic process
  • How to Freeze Motion
  • How to Effectively Use Motion Blur
  • Working with people – ethics, language barriers and communication
  • Posing People effectively
  • Environmental Portraits
  • How to Shoot Landscapes (natural and man-made)
  • Tips on Photographing Buildings and Monuments
  • How to Photograph Interiors and Still Life Objects

To pick up your very own copy of Transcending Travel… or to learn more about the book, it’s author, and what you will learn inside, head on over to the Digital Photography School website right away.

If you want to make the most of your travels by taking incredible photos along the way, Transcending Travel a photographer’s resource that is highly recommended. And best of all, it comes with a 60-day, money back guarantee. So, if you aren’t happy with the book for any reason, you can get your money back – no questions asked!

Click here to get your copy of Transcending Travel: A Guide To Captivating Travel Photography


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  1. Tom Oxby says:

    Excellent summary on steps for taking pictures. Regarding posing people effectively I generally need to cycle ahead quickly, stop, grab the camera from my handlebar bag and quickly set up to take the action pictures of my cycling friends.. The posed pictures taken at attractions and accommodation while bicycle touring is the easy part.

    Suggestion: when you get home from your bicycle touring journey create a tabletop book of your trip. I then find it easy to share my experiences with cycling colleagues. Sending a slide show over the internet does not get the same reaction.

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