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The List Of Gear You Need To Start Bicycle Touring

The basic equipment needed for bicycle touring is really rather simple. To get started you will need:

  • A bicycle.
  • Some way of carrying your belongings (whether it be in a trailer or a set of panniers).
  • Camping equipment ((if you choose to camp) such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc.).
  • A stove and the appropriate fuel ((if you choose to cook your own food) plus utensils and a cooking pot).
  • Bicycle tools (such as a multi-tool, spare tube, patch kit, etc.).
  • Clothing (i.e. shorts, shirts, rain jacket, shoes, etc.).
  • Safety gear (such as a helmet and light).
  • Technological devices (such as a cell phone, camera, GPS, etc.).
  • Food and water.
  • And any personal items you might choose to bring along.

Detailed packing lists for a bike tour of any length can be found inside: The Bicycle Touring Blueprintthe best book on the planet for planning, preparing for, and executing a bike tour of any kind, anywhere in the world.

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