Love Cycling, But Hate Camping? Then Consider A Guided Or Self-Guided Bike Tour

luxury bike tours no camping

A Bicycle Touring Pro reader named Marsh Wildman wrote in and said, “I’m a big mountain bike fan, but I hate camping. Do you know of any routes that would encompass a multi-day loop with hotels at the end of each day’s ride?”

In this video, you’ll learn how the website at can help you find hundreds of hotel-specific bike tours all around the world. Just pick the part of the world you are interested in cycling through, and then contact one of the local tour companies in that area. It’s that easy!

No, you don’t have to enjoy camping to go bicycle touring. You can bike tour and stay in fancy hotels and beautiful accomodations, take a shower each night, and eat delicious foods. Guided and self-guided bicycle tours are a great way to travel by bicycle. Thousands of people bike tour in this way each and every year… and you can be one of them!

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