Meeting Up With Mihai in Brasov, Romania

Sometime during my stay in Brasov, Romania I received a Facebook message from a reader named Mihai who said he was going to be in the Brasov area for a while and that he’d like to meet up with me.

After several back and forth messages on Facebook, Mihai and I did finally arrange to go on a bike ride together. We met outside the Orange Store in the center of Brasov and then cycled for a good hour-and-a-half or more up the hill to the ski resort area known as Pioana. Once there, we turned around and quickly made our way back into downtown Brasov before it got too dark and cold.

A few days later I met up with Mihai again and we rode our bikes over to one of the towers that surrounds the city of Brasov and Mihai showed me a large interactive photo program that he helped develop, which showed off the city of Brasov both in the past and present. There were interactive computer screens, thousands of beautiful images and speakers overhead that played music and burst out sounds as you moved from one station to the next.

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