Where Do You Most Want To Go In The World?

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This past Friday I asked readers here at Bicycle Touring Pro to head on over to the BTP Facebook page and tell me where they were from, where they most wanted to go in the world and why they wanted to go there.

These are some of the responses I received:

where people want to travel with their bicycles

I promised that those who commented on the Bicycle Touring Pro Facebook page and told me where they were from, where they most wanted to go in the world and why they wanted to go there would be entered to win $142 worth of cool cycling products.

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The products I’m giving away include:

Just a few minutes ago I put the names of everyone who commented above into a hat and pulled out a winner completely at random. The lucky winner was Brock Dittus who said:

I’m from Portland OR and would love to take a tour through the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks all in one big swoop. Or the obvious tour across the country, but I love the idea of beginning and ending in the same place, entirely powered by my legs!

Congratulations Brock! I’ll be contacting you soon so I can get your mailing address and send you your prizes. And thanks again to everyone who participated in my little weekend giveaway!

Now it’s your turn: Leave a comment below and tell me where you currently live, where you most want to go in the world and why you want to go there.


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  1. MARCELO says:

    I live in Brazil, a country with so many great places for biking. There’s the Atlantic coast, the flatlands of the west and the Amazon, the canyons in the south and the mountainous state of Minas Gerais, where I’m from. However, one of my dream destinations for a bike touring is the Himalayan country of Nepal. I’ve been there for 2 times, but I went there for trekking (the famous Everest Base Camp trekking route and the trek to the Annapurna Conservation area). Also, I went to Bhutan about 6 months ago and I liked the experience of biking in high altitudes in that country very much. I recommend all these places to everyone who is adventurous.

  2. Jack Day says:

    I’m a 68 year old cyclist from Des Moines, Iowa that in 2011 finished my 1st cross-country tour from San Fran to NYC. Best thing that I have ever done.
    In 2012, I’m pedaling from Des Moines to Upper Maine where I will begin a ride all the way down the USA coastline to Key West, Florida.
    Then, 2013 is a ride from Des Moines up the Lewis and Clark Trail, all the way to Vancouver where I will begin a ride south to the Mexican border.
    2014 ideas and plans are fuzzy but I would like to either do the Hawaiian Islands or maybe Alaska. That one might be a little too remote and scary. I have a thing about OMG Grizzlies.
    This is all based on the premise that I do not grow too much older in physique.
    Visit the website for fun.

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