Sidewalk Racing – A Short Travel Story

low-angle sidewalk shot in a puddle of street in poznan poland

I’m over 6 feet tall, I have long legs, and I walk really fast. Because of this, I’m constantly passing other people on the street, and few other people ever pass me.

That is… until today, in Poznan, Poland, when a tall young man with short, brown hair and a long, pointed nose began passing me on my right-hand side. Not wanting to let him get ahead of me so easily, I picked up my pace.

After a moment or two the young man and I were walking side by side… step by step. It was kind of an awkward moment, so I looked over at the man and said, “You wanna race?”

A silent moment passed. I wasn’t sure if this guy spoke English or understood me at all. I was in Poland after all!

But then… all of a sudden… the man looked back over at me with a wicked little grin on his face and said, “Vith pleasah!” (With pleasure!)… and then we both took off running down the sidewalk like schoolchildren.


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