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SIDI mountain bike shoes are some of the best, most popular, mountain bike shoes in the world. They feature a sporty, aerodynamic design – like what you might find on a professional road cycling shoe. But  Sidi mountain bikes shoes, unlike their road shoe counterparts, are designed specifically for off-road riding.

The fact that Sidi mountain bike shoes are designed to be ridden off road, in rocky, dirty and difficult terrain, means that the shoes feature certain characteristics not found on road shoes of a similar style and design. For example, Sidi mountain bike shoes do have the same breathable, tightly strapped down outer fabric design of their road shoe brothers and sisters, but these shoes have a larger, hiking shoe-style sole, allowing them to be worn both on and off the bicycle. If you reach a part of your off-road track where you can’t simply ride any longer, you need to have a shoe that can be worn comfortably in the dirt and rocks, without sacrificing your position on the trail. No slipping and sliding… please! But don’t worry, you won’t slip and fall in these high-quality mountain bike shoes by SIDI. These MTB shoes are designed to make you look good, pedal strong, and fast, and get you where you’re going – whether it be in the saddle and on the bike, or on your feet and up the trail.

On this page you will find some of the most popular pairs of Sidi mountain bike shoes currently on the market today. The shoes have been listed here, in no particular order (i.e. least expensive to most expensive, best shoe to worst shoe, by color, etc).

SIDI mountain bike shoes - dominator MTB shoe

Sidi MTB Dominator 5 Fit Shoes

SIDI needs no introduction when it comes to serious performance and serious comfort for serious riders. With as many features as the Dominator 5 FIT Sidi mountain bike shoes shoes, it’s no wonder why this is SIDI’s best-selling mountain bike shoe. It starts with the Caliper-Buckle two-way ratchet system which makes it effortless and convenient for on-the-bike adjustments with incremental tightening and loosening. Breathable and agile, the Sidi Dominator 5 FIT shoes features a vented Technomicro microfiber upper with cooling mesh panels, and a padded tongue that disperses pressure evenly to keep the top of your foot pressure point free. The external reinforced heel cup stabilizes and supports the heel, with an anatomically shaped plastic design that keeps its figure, reducing heel slip and optimizing power transfer for when you need to crank out the wattage up the switchbacks.

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drako sidi mountain bike shoes

Sidi Drako Carbon SRS Mountain Bike Shoes

What do you get when you combine the newest Sidi mountain bike shoe technology with a shoe that’s won multiple World Cups? Simple, the Drako SRS Shoes. The Drako (Latin for dragon) makes use of the new Techno 3 buckle system, a sleek, breathable design, and the new Drako SRS Carbon Soles. Altogether, Sidi has slashed 100 grams from the Dragon 3 while making the comfort and efficiency of the Drako design leaps and bounds ahead of any other mountain shoe on the market. Basically, the Drako plays by another set of rules, and accordingly, the game won’t ever be the same. While the Dragon 3 utilizes three different closure systems, the Drako is based around a single system — the new Tecno 3 buckle, yet another great innovation from Sidi.

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white sidi mountain bike shoes

Sidi Cape Mountain Bike Shoes

Sidi’s Cape MTB Shoes offer a fantastic level of performance ideal for pro and amateur riders alike. Whether you race x-country on your mountain bike, hit your local cyclo cross races or need a shoe that performs without fail weekend after weekend on your local trails the Cape will offer all that you need and more. The Sidi MTB competition sole has been specifically developed for this speciality to offer excellent off road performance and off the bike grip. It can be fitted with two toe spikes on the front for traction in very difficult and muddy conditions-(toe spikes not included). These Sidi mountain bikes shoes are ideal for cyclo cross and MTB racers and riders requiring top performance.

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best sidi mountain bike shoes

Sidi Duran Mountain Bike Shoes

The Duran is the latest offering of Sidi mountain bike shoes from the originator of the first dedicated MTB shoe. Experience the performance and comfort gains that come froma  truly perfect fit, with a 3-strap upper designed around SIDIs legendary last/foot form that allows independent adjustment at the forefoot, metatarsal area and instep for a snug fit that eliminates power-robbing foot slip and improves pedaling efficiency. This is not entry-level, its entry to the high end of cycling footwear performance. European hand craft, absolutely perfect fit and super-efficient drive.

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sidi carbon mountain bike shoes

Sidi Spider SRS Carbon Composite Vernice MTB Shoes

High quality Sidi mountain bike shoes for cyclists who demand smart features. The Sidi MTB Spider SRS Carbon Composite Vernice Shoes allow you to tailor the fit and ensures that you are getting the very best performance out of your shoes. Sidi has made the system adjustable from either side so you can center the pad perfectly. You can replace the entire system to ensure your shoe performs to the top level even after years of wear. A micrometric closure buckle which can be adjusted by lifting up the middle. Integrated polymer teeth that lock in to place when you close the strap make for a more secure fit. With the strap becoming almost immovable, you can be sure of a a secure fit.

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Sidi Epic Mountain Bike Shoes

sidi epic mtb shoes

A new combination of Sidi mountian bikes shoes. The EPIC can be worn where a standard cycling shoe reaches its limits. The sturdy outdoor sole with a deep tread is the right choice for difficult terrain where you have to walk from time to time. Great ventilation thanks to mesh material at the upper part. Stable and anti-slip touring sole. As it offers optimal grip, this high-quality sole meets the demands and needs of touring bikers. The outdoor-oriented tread design with great roll-over characteristics supports the shoe’s stabilization function. Compatible with all common pedal systems.

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SIDI Mountain Bike Shoes – FAQ, Comments & Review

If you have experience with any of the Sidi mountain bike shoes listed on this page, or you know of any other SIDI mountain bike shoes that should be included in this list, please leave a comment below with the name of the shoe and, if possible, a link to where more info on that shoe can be found. Thanks for reading… and I hope that this article has helped you find your idea Sidi mountain bike shoes.


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