Scary Halloween Movie: The Silver Miners of Park City, Utah

Scary Halloween Video - The Silver Miners of Park City, Utah

On the eve of Halloween, 2021, I rode my bicycle to the Glenwood cemetery in Park City, Utah, locked my bike to the gate, and then began hiking up the mountain to a series of old, abandoned silver mining buildings.

In this spooky Halloween video, I tell you about the 150+ year-old history of Park City, Utah as a silver mining town and explore some of the creepiest old buildings you have ever seen!

Watch as I explore Park City’s Glenwood cemetery, hike through the forest in the dark, and then explore several creepy, abandoned silver mining buildings filled with graffitti, ancient mining relics and thousands of old core samples from the mines that exist over 1,000 feet inside the nearby mountains.

If you’re looking for a scary movie to watch… this special Halloween-inspired video from Bicycle Touring Pro is sure to give you a fright!

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