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I went skiing in Oscadnica, Slovakia yesterday. I woke up early, hopped on the 7:45 AM bus from Cadca to Oscadnica, then jumped on another local bus that took me up to the nearby ski resort. Then I found a small rental shop where I paid 20 Euros for the rental of a pair of skis, boots and poles… before paying another 29 Euros for my lift ticket.

I must have been one of the first people on the mountain, because there were only about 5 people at the resort when I first got there. But as the day went on, more and more people started to arrive. By the end of the day there were probably about 100 or more people on the entire mountain.

The snow was really good (much better than I was expecting it to be), but the resort was really small compared to what I am used to and I found myself getting bored rather quickly. All the runs were grooms and going off into the trees as problematic (either because of the design of the resort or because of the tree stumps, rocks and other dangers lurking beneath the snow). For this reason, I only skied until about 3 PM before calling it a day and then hitching a ride back to my hotel in Cadca.

I like to go skiing, but I think I’m getting a little bored of always going by myself and not being challenged by much of the terrain. Maybe I’ll try snowboarding the next time around? I need a new challenge!

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