Stealth Camping In Eastern Holland

I spent two nights stealth camping in the woods outside of Nieuw Bergen, Netherlands. The city was so close to my campsite that I could easily cycle into town, get some food, and then cycle back to my campsite in just a matter of minutes.

While in Nieuw Bergen I found these potato chips at an Aldi supermarket that were so incredibly good that I bought and consumed four giant bags of them. I have, however, not been able to find this same brand of potato chips anywhere else in Europe. They were the best potato chips I’ve ever had in my entire life and I desperately want to find out where I can get some more of them.

3 thoughts on “Stealth Camping In Eastern Holland

  1. Markus Brodmann says:

    Hi Darren, I live in Europe (Germany) and we have a lot of Aldi Supermarkets. What kind of brand name did the chips have? Also, do you know of any good bike tour organizers in Holland? I’ve been searching on Google and found a few ( and the most memorable) but can’t find a good tour. Or do you recommend organizing it by yourself? Thanks

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