Summer Cycle Touring Clothes

You have a lot of options when it comes to bicycle clothing. My riding lately, however, has taken a sharp turn from the spandex and neon colors most often times associated with the professional cyclist. Instead of following the pack and donning the tight and bright bike gear cyclists are usually known for, I’ve drifted back to my bicycle touring roots and now wear clothes that, while still work for cycling, allow my skin to breathe and do not instantly brand me as a cyclist once I step off the bike.

The photo below shows the riding clothes I wore on my recent tour of Europe. As you can see, there are no spandex shorts and no bright colors. If you were to remove my helmet and sunglasses I could walk into a crowd of people just about anywhere in the world and you’d never know that I was a cyclist.


1. Giro Xen Bike Helmet (Matte Olive Fade)

2. Cheap $10 Sunglasses

3. Fox Racing Jersey

4. Men’s DKNY Watch

5. Road I.D.

6. Fox Racing Mountain Bike Shorts

7. Black Anklet Socks

8. Shimano Men’s Multi-Purpose Cycling Sneaker


5 thoughts on “Summer Cycle Touring Clothes

  1. Martin fano says:

    I am a fair weather rider…do not have the inclination to ride in winter and freeze my butt for me it is simple “risk management”. My summer clothing is mostly under armour stuff…I use tight fitting undergarments that keep the “gear” in place…wick away moisture to keep me cool. Plus every evening I can wash them out…..and bingo they are dry in a few hours. I like to use columbia light weight trousers that you can zip off the legs to make shorts. Tops again under armor..not heavy.., packable..wick away moisture..easily cleaned and dried in a few hours(or less)

  2. rok says:

    To prevent sunburn I wear long sleeves,full finger gloves,3/4 spandex and velcroed ( legionnaire) rag at back of my helmet.
    Bright colors shirt and high visibility vest thrown over the panniers.Usefull for open road and dense city traffic.
    Safety over image all the way.

  3. Ed says:

    I totally agree with your clothing direction, Darren. I still have Spandex, but, in the summers, I am leaving them at home in favor of the sort of kit you show in the photo! (I love my Fox Sargent MTB shorts–khaki). Except for my road-style helmet, I can walk into a crowd, or a restaurant, and no one guesses I’ve been on a bike. (The helmet’s a give-away, but….) When my Spandex is gone, goodbye! I’m done with all that. It’s about my bike, not my outfit.

  4. Nich says:

    I too like the casual style for touring and messing about. My racing days are long over, but full race style clothing has it’s place – it certainly makes you visible in traffic, and it’s comfortable for long days (it was designed that way after all!). A race style jersey can compliment baggies well too. I’m proud and happy to be recognised as a cyclist, and I never see the need to disguise that fact!

  5. Falconyogi says:

    First of all I’m not in a race, and secondly baggy cloths create more drag so I get a better work out.
    I wear my cargo shorts because I need pockets for my car keys, wallet, and phone. My mountain bike has a large gel seat that is very comfortable. This is not the tour de France.

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