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Tell Me About Your Bike

Darren Alff on his cross country bike ride in 2002

Bicycle Touring Pro, Darren Alff, goes on the “Tell Me About Your Bike” podcast to discuss his first experiences with bicycle touring and the 1980’s Sierra Schwinn mountain bike he used to complete his first two long-distance bike tours across the United States of America.

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You’ll be surprised to discover that someone who now rides some of the best touring bicycles in the world used to ride a rusty old bicycle… and he used that old Schwinn bike to cycle across the United States, not just once… but twice!

Listen to the “Tell Me About Your Bike” crossover podcast with the Bicycle Touring Pro and you’ll hear why Darren was forced to ride this terrible old bicycle on his second bike tour across the country… and how he managed to perform this incredible feat with only a few hundred dollars to his name.

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